Alexey Panin every day proves its value

Алексей Панин  каждый день доказывает свою адекватность
The actor talks about his daily daily life.

Alexey Panin

Photo: Andrew Airstream

After the scandal that unfolded around Alexei Panin (Network
got it “naked” photos and indecent video), actor every day trying
to justify themselves. Alex said that these images and recordings are very old, they were
made in the time when Panin’s really hard to drink and not realize that
does. According to the actor, now he solemne touches the alcohol
lead a healthy lifestyle, and all this for the sake of their ten-year daughter of nyusi.

Recently Alex and
his daughter gave a press conference. The actor has apologized for provocative
video, and the girl confirmed that living with father was her personal …
solution. 10-year-old NUS reported that they did not want to live with mom because not
feels safe with her.

Now Alexey Panin
punctually publishes videos, in which he was captured together with his daughter, showing everyone that he is a great dad they have
excellent relations with NUS, and them together well.

We will remind, in April of 2017, the court ruled that the daughter
Alexei Panin should live together with him. After years of legal
trials, finally made a decision about the place of residence 10-year-old NYSE. Happy artist does not hide
his emotions and immediately announced the good news in his Instagram. “10 years of hell
over! Today, the court made a decision about who should live my daughter. I
won! — Panin said, without specifying how the trial could last for 10 years
if his daughter is 10. — NUS with me! All over! 10 years of I did
monster, but, Thank God, over! I want to spit in the face to all those who
all these years, lied about me and watered me shit! You ruined my sex life, but
I won!” Alexey Panin has repeatedly said that the NUS independently
decided to live with his father.