The Porsche company found innocent in death of Paul Walker

Компания Porsche признана невиновной в смерти Пола Уокера

All the numerous talks and insinuations on the subject of blame for the death of American actor Paul Walker and his close friend Roger Rodas terminated with one court decision, held a few hours ago. According to the verdict of the Los Angeles court, the German carmaker Porsche is found not guilty in the death of celebrities.

The widow of Roger and Christine went to court with the statement that in a vehicle driven by her husband on that fateful day, there was no protective device, which should prevent such terrible consequences of the accident. In the lawsuit Christine demanded of the concern of redress, however, judge Philip Guttierez verdict is not in her side. According to the representative of Themis, to the death of Roger Rodas and Paul Walker brought a negligence and wrongful acts in the form of high speed in the locality, and not the lack of security systems.
Despite the disappointing decision of the court, Cristina Rodas intends to try out all the instance on the way to his truth. The woman is also going to appeal to the Supreme court of Los Angeles, but judge Gutierrez will have to reach a verdict on a similar lawsuit that filed against Porsche’s only daughter meadow Walker Rhine.
In its lawsuit, the daughter of Walker indicated that the seat belt locked her father in the time of the accident, Paul could not in time will be released and burned alive. Guttieres the judge stated that the decision in the case of Christine Rodas does not affect his decision in the case of the Rhine meadow. By the way, to sue the automaker intends and father Sex.
Recall that the news about the death of Paul Walker and Roger Rodas in November 2013 was so incredible that many fans of the film “fast and furious” couldn’t believe it. During the following weeks here and there claimed to have seen hunky actor. Not even convinced them that the press got pictures of the two burned bodies of Paul and Roger and their funeral. Sorry about the death of the artist still stirs the souls of his fans.

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