Bezrukov has explained, why don’t you head BDT

Безруков пояснил, почему не возглавит БДТ

Popular actor commented on the rumors about his new appointment.

Also refuted the information that appeared in the media. No wonder! After all, the current artistic Director of the BDT, the famous St. Petersburg Director Andrei Moguchy now in good health and to leave his post is not going. In any case, in this Woman’s Day said the press service of the theatre.

Another issue is that this is the official position and what actually?

To begin with, that the rumors about the possible resignation Powerful walk with March 2013, when the Director came into the position. So, even in the Wake of “early withdrawal” the Mighty stayed in the theatre for over three years.

But this week the intrigue with the artistic Director in replacement of BDT twirled with new force. The media even published the names of possible candidates for the post, allegedly discussed in the Ministry of culture.

Among others was named after 81-year-old actor Oleg Basilashvili, who was designated to this position in 2013. And 77-year-old Rudolf Furmanov, who now heads the theatre “Russian enterprise to them. Andrey Mironov”.

Against this background, the third, allegedly dubbed surrounded by Medinsky candidate – Sergey Bezrukov – at least looks a real contender for the position.

First of all, Sergey is relatively young: he is 42 years old (the Mighty, by the way, 54 is not too old). And secondly, Ukraine has successful experience in the management of the Moscow Provincial theatre: the actor headed it in January 2014.

But here’s the thing: Bezrukov his possible appointment at HDH already refuted, expressing surprise the version of such a development.

“I first heard about it and are not aware of these problems, – said Sergey, RIA Novosti reports. I have a contract with a Provincial theatre until 2019. I have worked in theatre for three years, and much has already been done”.

In General, no interest in the legendary building on the Fontanka, the EU has not demonstrated. And no wonder: hardly a popular actor and Director plans to move to St. Petersburg from Moscow, the more Bezrukov recently married again to a Muscovite.

While in the Northern capital the actor often has performances and always sold out. And recently, while in St. Petersburg, Sergey has mastered his role of the guide on Gogol places.

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