Uncle Chailly La Bouff apologized to him for libel

Дядя Шайи Ла Бафа извинился  перед ним за клевету

Shia La Bouff dealt with the relatives and still was not to blame.

Uncle stars “Transformers” made a public apology to his nephew and said that he was completely wrong in this situation when he said that nothing got his star cousin: “I want to publicly apologize to my nephew and my sister for all the false accusations and negative information that they received in the address in the result of clarifying of this legal question, said Barry журналуPeople. – I take full responsibility for failure to perform their obligations under our agreement and I want to emphasize that neither the Shia nor Schein has never and in no way were to blame, and I am grateful for the financial assistance they have given me. Moreover, contrary to the press reports, Shia and Shaina had never taken any action to evict me or my wife out of the apartment. I’m glad we were able to fix everything”.

La Bouff said he was very pleased with this resolution of the conflict and just happy: “I’m just happy that everything was resolved and is finally over”.

We will remind, not so long ago uncle shiye Barry Saidou told the press that the angry behavior of his nephew and his mom Shiny that require his family to repay debts, which he allegedly did, and wants to evict them with his wife out of the apartment in Manhattan, which cost over 2 million dollars.

Shia previously said that asking relatives to return him only the amount that even before the global financial crisis was lent to them to maintain the business. Then it was about 840 thousand dollars.

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