The people of Kazakhstan announced a boycott of the group SEREBRO

Жители Казахстана объявили бойкот группе SEREBRO Recently the soloist of the popular team accidentally touched the feelings of the inhabitants of another country. In response, they staged SEREBRO harassment in social networks. Olga Seryabkina, extremely concerned at the current situation, has recorded a video message to the people of Kazakhstan.

      Recently, Olga Seryabkina and Catherine Kischuk were the guests heading popular portal dedicated to video games. While the actress played Mortal Kombat live stream, thousands of viewers of the broadcast could ask questions. Comments of users of social networks was voiced by the editorial staff of the online publication.

      When the young man started to say “In Kazakhstan”, Olga interrupted him the following words: “Kazakhstan? Who cares about KAZ…”. Then the singer paused, and in the Studio there was a pause. The presenter tried to interrupt the awkward silence, saying “Yes, do not care about these characters”. The young man was referring to the heroes of a computer game that was played Seryabkina and Kiszczuk.

      The words of the soloist SEREBRO aroused heated discussion online. Many of the Kazakh media wrote about the incident notes, and the locals has provoked heated debate on social networks. They also attacked microblogging Olga Seryabkina, strongly criticizing her words. According to some users of social networks, the actress insulted their small home. They called for a boycott of the concerts SEREBRO and unsubscribe from the pages of the participating groups.

      Olga Seryabkina familiarized with the review of Kazakhstan and decided to record a video, which clarified the situation. According to the artist, she did not even think to hurt this country, and quit making a noise phrase in a hurry. The singer apologized to anyone who took her words as an insult.

      “Of course, this is a terrible misunderstanding and I hate that it happened. I wanted nothing bad to say and even more to hurt someone. It happened when I reflexively shrugged off the question. Those who play Mortal Kombat, you know that this is a very gamble and when you start to play, you don’t notice what is happening around. The questions I asked, stop me from playing. When I realized how it looks from the outside, I stopped short. Because never in my life have I could not keep in mind. I sincerely apologize,” said the artist.

      Fans of the soloist of the popular group supported it and thanked him for the video. “Don’t worry. All the men realized that it was an accident”, “So cute”, “Clever”, “I don’t understand why fanned such a fuss?”, “All right,” wrote fans Olga Seryabkina.