Tatiana Afrikantov rebelled against daughter’s wedding

Татьяна Африкантова восстала против свадьбы дочери The woman said that does not want to marry the successor. Perhaps Tatiana gave in to emotions and feelings before an important event in the life of the Marina. According to celebuski, she intends to go on a project to protect the heiress.

      Recently ended the competition “the House-2. Wedding” one million, according to preliminary results, which was won by Eugene Kuzin and Sasha Artemova. Marina Afrikantov and Andrey Chuev also took part in the competition. Despite the fact that they failed to become the first in the number of audience votes, they hope. At the moment the lovers rest in Dubai. However, as it turned out, the life of stars telestroke not everything is rosy. Tatiana Afrikantov, mommy charming blonde, dissatisfied with the party daughter’s.

      Tatiana claims that the heiress allegedly complains to her behavior of a loved one. Thelebanese not ready to give their own child offense, so firmly set up. Afrikanova stated that it did not intend to tolerate this in the future. However, no evidence that Chuev is cruel to his beloved, no. From the couple seems very happy. In addition, the lovers awaited wedding.

      “I don’t want to have Marina married – I’m against Chueva!.. I suggest to her: “Stand by the fire and say: “I change everything. Don’t want anything else!” If it fails, I will go back to the project and will defend my daughter,” said Tatyana.

      Note that the Marina Afrikantov and Andrey Chuev wanted to get married in October last year. Then the lovers had prepared everything for the splendid ceremony but at the last moment it was postponed due to the competition of the “House-2”. About that, Marina told the “StarHit”.

      We will note that Andrey Chueva and Tatiana Afrikanova has long had an awkward relationship. Mother-in-law did not want to take the beloved daughter.

      “Actually, mom, Andrew liked it. She’s just on emotions can act pretty weird. Early favorite knew and understood many of the jokes seriously, and now understands that sometimes she gets carried away. As before, he’s not responding. Previously, he was mad at mom, then at me. Now he realizes that mom is not one. He calls her mom and speaks to her “you,” – said Marina.

      However, at the moment, Tatiana claims that strongly opposed the chosen successor. About it the woman told reporters Sobesednik.ru. Perhaps thelebanese got emotional before an important event in the life of his beloved daughter.