Ella Sukhanov went under the surgeon’s knife for a gorgeous bust

Элла Суханова легла под нож хирурга ради шикарного бюста The star of the reality show “House-2” decided on surgery. Ella Sukhanova long dreamed of the transformation and finally found the right time to go to the clinic. The girl was discharged from the hospital and she is waiting for the moment when will be able to show all the spicy part of the body.

      The star of the reality show “Dom-2” Ella Sukhanov left the project in September last year together with her husband Igor Tregubenko. The girl successfully build a life beyond the popular program, but, apparently, full of happiness she was deprived of a perfect body. Ella decided to go to a plastic surgeon to correct figure flaws. Sukhanov was unhappy with the breast size, and therefore hastened to lie on the operating table.

      “Everything went easily and quickly, as if in one breath. I can’t say I was calm as a tank, but not nervous very much. The surgery itself takes about an hour, Wake up in the ward after the operation and as if just fell asleep. The anesthesia is very light and unobtrusive. Sensations became a little feet warm and then sleep. Now lie in the house and watch TV, if you want you can drink tea with cookies and candies, and then bring a delicious lunch. Now, there’s some pain there, but it works for the pain, let’s see what happens tomorrow! So while only the best sensations, impressions and attitude!” – shared his thoughts girl.

      Fans were happy that Ella was able to realize his dream. They supported the girl in her quest for perfect Breasts. Others, on the contrary, condemned Sukhanov for such a step and advised me first to have a baby, and then fixing the body. “You have your own was normal?! And the husband loved my Boobs”, “Ellochka, get better soon and raduy us with beautiful neckline”, “Ellochka, good, gorgeous, speedy recovery, you are waiting for photos of chic,” wrote a follower.

      Now Sukhanov was discharged from the hospital and waiting when the time will come to show everyone the result of the efforts of surgeons. She promised to keep its users aware of how to spend the recovery period to advise girls who also think about the operation. Apparently, her husband was just glad that his wife decided on plastic and will soon appear in all its glory. “Health is good. Going home. Now the hard part is not to make any sudden movements, nothing to pick up and sleep on the back,” said Ella.