The participant of the show “Dom-2. The island of love” openly talked about breast augmentation surgery

Участница шоу «Дом-2. Остров любви» откровенно рассказала о пластике груди Rita Kern admitted, how many surgeries she suffered. Fans repeatedly asked spectacular brunette why she turned to the surgeons for uvelicheniya bust. The girl explained that she had to undergo.

      The party of the first season of the reality show “Dom-2. The island of love” Rita Kern has captured the attention of viewers. The girl boasts an outstanding bust, which she got after a few plastic surgeries. According to the striking brunette, first she have decided to change forms when she was 20 years old.

      “I made the third size to their men. And then decided: “Let me make myself a little more.” But then the problems started. I correctly installed the implants, and one shifted. I did 600 milliliters. Because of the shift I decided on the third,” admitted Kern in the video, which was posted on his page in the social network.

      According to Margaret, once again she approached the process thoroughly. Pre girl ordered implants made for her under the order, the cost of which amounted to about 35 thousand dollars. “I brought them and perfectly made. I can not get enough”, – said the participant of the project.

      Despite the fact that the representatives of the stronger sex, according to Kern, like big Tits, she is experiencing some difficulties due to the volume of the bust. “I don’t regret having made the chest. But I really need to work out and run, have to constantly walk on massage,” told Rita.

      Kern has proven himself as a true provocateur during the project. She taught the girls to achieve the bachelors show and also watched what feelings arose in vapor. Subscribers microblog Margarita also left valuable advice. Busty participant “House-2” was condemned for the lessons of seduction

      “One of the questions that need to ask on a date: “what is your purpose in life?”. And if the man says: “I Have a specific goal!”, then ask: “what’s the plan?”. And listen to what and how he talks, how elaborately goes to his goal. And how to verify that he really has a purpose that he is a worthy man? For example, he said he wanted to open the business. And now look what he’s doing. If it is in the morning playing computer games, and then the day continues to play, and in the evening he’s still at the computer, and he is 28 years then what kind of business can be discussed? He is at the genetic level, laid slavery. Learn to distinguish the men who just say something, from men who are really doing something. And one more thing: look at his parents. They raised him, they were his example, and they can tell you about him even more than he,” wrote Margaret.