Borodin, Pogrebnyak and Pynzar remembered youth on the anniversary of “Hands up”

Бородина, Погребняк и Пынзарь вспомнили юность на юбилее «Руки вверх» Celebrities and their husbands are lit at a concert of the popular group, which on Friday and Saturday celebrated its 20th anniversary in Moscow. They were in complete awe of the performances of “Hands up” and expressed gratitude to Sergey Zhukov, who was able to get them back in the 90s.

      On 4 and 5 November in the capital Crocus City Hall was held a concert dedicated to the anniversary of the group “Hands up”. Popular musical band celebrated its 20th anniversary. On the occasion of important dates Sergei Zhukov sang such well-known and many beloved songs as “Student”, “Alyosha”, “wasted”, “Other lips”, “Oh”, “Dance”, “Baby mine,” “He kisses you” and many others. On Saturday evening away to the fiery hits came Kurban Omarov and Ksenia Borodina, Darya and Sergey Pynzar, and Maria and Pavel Pogrebnyak. Celebrities danced a lot, had fun and sang along with the soloist of the “Hands up”.

      Sergei Zhukov earned three million fans

      “I remember walking to the metro station “Youth” to buy there magazine Cool because there’s an article about my favorite band “Hands up”. And I went after them in other cities for concerts… I’m a fan of this group, I love “Hands up”! And every song is a return to the past, youth and the, at that time, the important points. The first tears, the first experiences… Thanks to Sergey Zhukov, a return to the past, when we were very young. 90s- the best years of youth” — shared Ksenia Borodina in Instagram.

      Subscribers presenter also fell in love with the “Hands up”. “We also yesterday had their fill of dancing in earnest, thought I would lose voice”, “It’s just a bomb, at the first sound of their songs I have goosebumps”, “We sing and dance”, “Great, me too all of their music you know by heart”, “the Class, I remembered the youth, so much emotion”, “Lighter”, “the girls danced to them at school “Fall ball”, “Thanks for these videos, right nostalgia”, “Where’s my 15 years,” wrote the followers Borodina in the comments to her posts.

      It is also worth noting that some of the songs Borodina and her friends sang together, than has delighted his fans. So, Ksenia and Daria and Sergey Pynzar decided to perform the song “love me Love”, which gave the guests of the evening — the band “dirty rotten scoundrels”. “What beautiful, I really like you”, “So nice to see you”, “Guys, well done, I guess, yesterday was a blast”, “Super”, — shared his opinion of the followers of the stars.

      By the way, Crocus City Hall also visited sister Olga Buzova Anna. The girl was delighted with the performances of “Hands up.” “Incredible emotions, the coolest concert. Thanks to my Oksanochka that pulled me out. Shouted, sang, tired of dancing. Waiting for the next anniversary,” — commented on it on Instagram.