Fans of Yulia Lipnitskaya pray for her health

Фанаты Юлии Липницкой молятся за ее здоровье The girl barely finished the performance in the home Grand Prix. During the program, Julia felt a cramp in his leg. Despite health problems, after trying to perform a double Axel, but it ended with the fall of a skater. Fans of sports stars genuinely believe that their pet happens to go back on the ice.

      Yesterday in Moscow has come to the end of the third stage of Grand Prix on figure skating. The Russian team won two gold medals, they went to Anna Pogorily and dance pair Ekaterina Bobrova and Dmitry Solovyov. However, this event remained in the memory of the audience not only thanks to the outstanding successes of our athletes. The competition was marred by the injury of Yulia Lipnitskaya. A situation in which hit girl, sports commentators called the tragedy.

      In the first part of the program Lipnitsky was able to do all of the items. However, in the middle of the rental by an arbitrary Yulia had to interrupt the performance of the athlete began to experience cramps in his leg. The girl approached the coach, Alexei Urmanov, and then to the judge, which then told reporters Urmanov, has offered the skater to resume the program. The music turned on again, but Julia has fallen after the execution of the double Axel.

      Lipnitskaya upset, was waiting for the jury with tears in his eyes and tried not to look at the camera. The total amount of Yulia put 148,13 points with this result, the skater was the last among the participants of the Moscow stage of the Grand Prix. Recall that at the end of the athlete was third after Elena Radionova and Anna Pogorily.

      Later, the coach shared with reporters information about the health of Lipnitskaya. According to him, Yulia minus a leg, so she was unable to finish his statement. She felt pain during the warm-up, but then Urmanov did not consider this a reason to remove the athlete from the program. He also said that it was not even discussed with Julia. The skater refused to comment. Sports reporters noted that after the fall the girl went off the field without assistance. Urmanov told the media that in the nearest plans Lipnitskaya — medical examination in Moscow.

      At the moment, fans of the young sportswomen of writing her comments on the social networks in which I hope that Julia will get better. Many of them sincerely believe that Lipnitskaya will be able to return to the sport and to win more than one medal.

      “Be strong, now just a time”, “Anything can happen, be patient! You grow”, “Restore your health and fight again! Everything works, it’s just the tests that need to pass. Too much is passed to surrender”, “Julia, it’s not the end of the world! Yes, sometimes it is painful and sad, but we truly love you”, “We cried when you fell. Correct health and forward again on the ice! You are beautiful”, “We were so worried for you, hold on,” “Julia, sweetheart, please get well, keep smiling and keep in touch”, Express your emotions fans Lipnitskaya.