The oligarch he blew millions on the feast of the son

Олигарх Саркисов спустил миллионы на праздник сына The heir to a big businessman yesterday turned 18. The father did not spare means for the organization of the celebration and spent $ 12 million. Guests of the event gathered in one of the capital’s establishments, which was fully rented for the occasion.

      The oligarch Sergey Sarkisov, the head of “RESO-Guarantee”, decided in a big way to celebrate the birth of an heir. So the holiday doesn’t stop, he paid 6 million rubles only for the fact that the restaurant “Sixty”, which was chosen by the birthday boy, shut down and allowed only those who were on the guest list. To the scene arrived by friends of Sergei, whom he met personally and escorted to the institution. It should be noted that among the arrivals were the daughter of former President of football club “Spartak” Diana Chervichenko and gymnast Karolina Sevastyanova.

      Guests took many pictures and was actively posted pictures to social networks. The most memorable were performances by Russian stars. Sergey Sarkisov invited Nyusha, Valeriy Sutkin and band Quest Pistols Show. Valery Syutkin, by the way, is a regular guest Sarkisov. They are often invited to significant events in their personal lives. Students of leading Moscow universities were especially glad to meet with Jane, who after equipped a scene gladly signed autographs and chatted with the birthday boy.

      The majority of the invited highlighted menu, chosen by father Sergei. He probably covered this event much more time, because he wanted to have a Grand celebration on the occasion of the 18th anniversary of my son. For a person whose name is included in the Russian Forbes list, this task proved to be much more than achievable. According to insiders, the performance of domestic artists, the businessman has allocated about 5 million rubles, not to mention the fact that the restaurant bill was about 600 thousand rubles. But the numbers few people worried that night. The guests had fun, danced to popular hits and took selfies with the height of the 62 floor building of Moscow-city.

      One of the most unexpected moments of the evening was when father dipped the face of the birthday boy right in the cake. Many is confused, but then were able to appreciate the joke which, in the end, all came like. This Chapter Sarkisov couple wanted to defuse the situation and relax so young.

      Probably to remind my son about his young age, he was invited to the event and professional actors who tried on the images of Santa Claus, snow Maiden and other fairytale characters. They waltzed in the ballroom by the song “Where the childhood leaves” that was very symbolic. Obviously, Sarkisov Jr. were pleased with this holiday.