Leonardo DiCaprio faces the shameful resignation

Леонардо Ди Каприо грозит позорная отставка
The actor even more deeply mired in allegations of involvement in corruption.

Leonardo DiCaprio


Leonardo DiCaprio got into a very unpleasant situation
in connection with the scandal that erupted around his name. It came to that
at a conference in London representatives of a number of charitable organizations required
so Leo left the post of goodwill Ambassador to the UN, which he has held since 2014
year. The only way for Leonardo DiCaprio to avoid retirement to clear his name from
allegations of involvement in illegal financial transactions.

So Lukas Straumann, Director of the Swiss organization
taking care to preserve the forests in Malaysia, directly accused Leo of links with the
currently under investigation with corrupt Malaysian businessmen. “We
can’t protect the environment if we don’t stop corruption!” he said.
And said that Leo, the discredited criminal ties with people
which, moreover, are themselves guilty of illegal deforestation, is no longer
trustworthy and can not hold your next post.

Straumann was not the only Prosecutor
Leo. Representatives of other charities have announced their intention
to return, Di Caprio made earlier generous donations, because they
are “dirty money.”

The whole story began when Interpol opened in
Malaysia largest corruption scheme, through which from the state budget
it was stolen more than a billion dollars. And some of them allegedly through
his business partner, the Malaysian businessman Joe Lowe, were in
charitable Fund Leo. Because of the money funded a
charity event the actor committed the donations
the organizations involved in the protection of the environment.

The second defendant in this case – the stepson of the Malaysian Prime Minister
– Riza Aziz, he is also the owner of Red Granit, the main investor of the film “the Wolf
Wall Street”, where Leo not only played a major role, but was one of the
producers. Meanwhile, Aziz vs a criminal case: he is accused of
theft from the budget of the country huge amounts! Without waiting for the outcome, Reese had taken refuge
in the Philippines, where he feels safe. After all, this island
States with no USA extradition Treaty.

As for the DiCaprio, it has not attracted
in this case as a defendant. Although it is already known that he was obliged to give in
the court testimony.