The nurse will tell the truth about aniston’s relationship with dying mother

Сиделка расскажет всю правду об отношениях Энистон с умиравшей матерью
The new book will deal another blow to the reputation of the actress.

Jennifer Aniston

Photo: Legion-media

As it became known, the woman who cared for
sick mother Jennifer aniston — Nancy, announced the intention to publish
your memoirs. In them she tells of the conflict 47-year-old actress with her mother. As
says the nurse, in recent years, she has repeatedly witnessed
telephone conversations Jennifer and Nancy, who each time was turned into
scandals. No more pleasant memories of her and extremely rare
the actress visits to your mother. “I want to show the world the true face of aniston!” said
nurse. This was told the Internet portal Daily Mail.

Conflict Jennifer’s mom has a long
history. It all began in 1996, when Nancy appeared on the TV show Hard Copy, telling unflattering details about his life
daughter. But soon the situation worsened even more after the mother of the actress
published a book called “From mother and daughter to friends: a Memoir”. Aniston
was so furious that her personal life in every detail were
on display, interrupting Nancy.

Like say, Jennifer didn’t see Nancy
for about 15 years. Their relationship had started to change for the better after
2011 mother of the actress suffered a stroke. But after a couple of visits to Nancy, passed
not too smooth, aniston has disappeared from the life of the mother again. And even in the last
year, when it became clear that Nancy dies,
Aniston could not find time to
to see her. However, she still appeared just before the end in may
year. As asserted girlfriend Jennifer, the actress came to put up with Nancy, but
I was too late: she was already too weak and didn’t even seem to recognize her.

And after the death of Nancy has spread even
one shocking news. Attend the cremation of his mother, actress
refused to pick up her ashes, explaining that doesn’t know where
to store it. Jennifer was unable to forgive the mother, even after her death. Between
by the way, aniston can wait for another unpleasant surprise. Actress
suspects that fragments of the same ancient books, Nancy, unpublished for
they are too provocative, could fall into the hands of the nurse. Now
she will include them in your memoirs…