In the Network actively discussing the attempted rape of Ksenia Sobchak

В Сети бурно обсуждают попытку изнасилования Ксении Собчак
The media published the story of the presenter about the controversial incident.

Ksenia Sobchak in childhood


Around Ksenia Sobchak turned another scandal. According to media reports, not long ago he published a book called “the New Testament. The most famous people in Russia about their dreams, fears and successes,” in which the presenter shared his memories about what happened in her childhood attempted rape. The story stars about her wild youth, provoked heated debate on the Network.

According to the excerpt from the published book in adolescence Xenia lived a double life. In the first half of the day, she, like a good daughter of the mayor, went to school, and at night ran away from home in search of adventure. In one such evening with a little Sobchak happened a terrible story.

At the age of 14 Xenia with a friend by lying about your real age, met in a pleasure institution with two older guys who treated them alcoholic drinks, were invited to spend the rest of the evening elsewhere. Naively sitting in the car of one of the young men, Sobchak was soon at a suburban hotel in St. Petersburg.

“Realizing that the smell of fried, we immediately became scared to death of girls and quickly began nervously to babble something about the fact that we need to go home, parents waiting…” says the book. Later she admitted that she is the daughter of the mayor, however, young people did not believe a little Sobchak and continued to hint at intimacy. In the result her friend miraculously managed to escape from the room through a small window in the bathroom. All the action took place in the winter, but on the run the girls had no coats on. Frozen Sobchak, a friend picked up on the track “good trucker”, who took them to the police post. Fortunately, this story ended well for Ksenia, but vivid memories of that night are etched in the memory of the presenter.