In love with Fyodor Bondarchuk expressed tender feelings for the bride in public

Влюбленный Федор Бондарчук проявил нежные чувства к невесте на публике
Paulina Andreeva spent the evening in the company of friends of her future husband.

Photo: @rezofilm Instagram Rezo Gigineishvili

Despite the fact that the novel by Fyodor Bondarchuk and Paulina Andreeva became known six months ago, the future spouses took the time to show feelings in public. At social events Director with the bride trying to hold on to each other a short distance and only occasionally allow themselves to hold hands. However, this rule only applies to the official outputs of a pair of the light, but in a more relaxed atmosphere, the lovers allow themselves more relaxed behavior.

The other day in the microblog Rezo Gigineishvili rare frame that love Fedor did not hide his passionate feelings for Pauline. On photos taken during a joint “get-togethers” Bondarchuk with his friends, the famous Director first allowed himself to gently hug Andreev on camera. Fans of the couple said that the couple look very happy together. What not to say about the resolution, which is now experiencing a serious crisis in relations with his wife, Nadezhda Mikhalkova.

At a scheduled meeting, Gigineishvili again appeared without his wife. By the way, the Hope was the day of the birth, which she apparently celebrated without her husband. Rezo was limited to a short message on his microblog. He published them old combines a picture and signed it: “love you!”. But of microblog Hopes long gone before photos of her husband, however, as the wedding ring that disappeared some time ago with a finger of the actress.