Новое «лицо» Сваровски  — программист эстра-класса
Karlie Kloss creates a new trend.

Karlie Kloss

Photo: Splash News/East news

Top model Karlie Kloss has become the face of the world-known company Swarovski.

23-year-old Carly will be succeeding Miranda
Kerr. The reason why the company has decided to change the “face” – does not age, although this is the first thing that comes to mind: Miranda is ten years older than Carly. And not even the fact that after her divorce from Orlando bloom, Kerr has been an ongoing heroine of the scandalous chronicle. All a bit complicated.

Carly, the former, like Kerr, one of the “angels” Victoria’s Secret shatters all the stereotypes about the modeling business. No, she’s definitely pretty and has a flawless figure, but from other top models it is distinguished by the fact that in addition to the ability look gorgeous in photos and the catwalk, she is a professional in the field, which is traditionally considered to be male. Karlie Kloss — the programmer of the class. Now
time, it additionally increasing their skills, is a special course
training at new York University. Carly is so believes that the future of digital technologies that even established a special scholarship for
beginners — Kode With Karlie.

It seems that we are witnessing
the birth of a new trend. Since the first great couturier to the present day model behind the scenes were something like moving and smiling clothes hangers. Compliance, photogenic, sex appeal — education and intelligence are never included in the list of requirements for girls wishing to become models. Well, everything changes. Authorities in the field of fashion carefully but quite explicitly predict the inexorable advance of the end of an era: now, in order to grace the covers of fashion magazines, one of impeccable appearance is not enough to meet the trends of the time.

Here is the guide Swarovski, whose products are referred to as the best alternative to diamonds, decided that their brand wants to keep pace with the times,
the main feature of which —
rapidly evolving technologies. “Carly is easily focused in
digital world. And we look forward to when she starts with her inherent talent
to tell inspiring stories about our jewelry and share emotional
moments of your life!” said creative Director Nathalie Colin.

As for the “emotional
moments” in the life of Carly, they, for the most part, tied to its four-year relationship with businessman Joshua Kouchner, as well as her friendship with singer Taylor swift. Like every intelligent woman, Carly permanent in their affections. As well as purposeful, young and able to look to the future. So, maybe that Karlie Kloss will be the woman who will be able to “reformat” the whole business model.

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