Звезда шоу «Голос» стал радиоведущим
Anton Belyaev will become co-host Victor Nabutov on the “Silver Rain”.

Anton Belyaev

Photo: Artyom Geodakyan/TASS

Very soon, may 30 at 8 am Moscow time, all listeners of the radio station Silver Rain
waiting for a big surprise. As co-host of the morning show “Hello, Nabutov!”
to Victor Nabutov and Daria Gordeeva will join musicians Anton Belyaev and
Therr Maitz.

The group already many years a friend of “Silver Rain” — they
became heroes of the air. And now on Monday morning in a live radio station radio listeners waiting for three hours actual
news, unusual stories from around the world and, of course, great live music
from Therr Maitz!

By the way, recently Anton Belyaev debuted as an actor in the movie musical “Singing voice”.The film tells about what is happening with members of the vocal show after the end of the project — the spotlight goes out, and life goes on, but not as they expect. Ahead is still a long way to success, on which the characters expect UPS and downs, meetings and partings, friendship and betrayal. The singularity of this film is that all the main roles performed by the different seasons of “the Voice”. Not only adults but also children.

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