Виктория и Дэвид Бекхэм готовятся к рождению пятого ребенка
The star couple is planning to be parents again.

Виктория и Дэвид Бекхэм готовятся к рождению пятого ребенка

David and Victoria Beckham at the wedding of Eva Longoria

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Fans of the couple
David and Victoria Beckham cheer! It seems that a famous football player was born
the idea that him with his wife it’s time to get the fifth child. As
according to foreign media, this idea came to David after the same
“desperate” step decided his best friend chef Gordon Ramsay. According to close friends of the couple, despite the fact that more recently, 42-year-old Victoria denied the possibility of the birth of the fifth child, now she is not so categorical on this issue.

By the way, is
the star couple recently spent a romantic vacation in Mexico, where they arrived
at the invitation of Eva Longoria, in which there was a solemn
marriage. After celebrating the wedding of best friend, Victoria, with David
his wife was in no hurry to go back to work. They remained
in Sunny Mexico for a few days to spend time
alone with each other. Tabloid reporters saw in them the decision is yet another confirmation of the rumors
the fact that the Beckhams are seriously thinking about the appearance in their family of five children. Moreover, they are already actively working in this direction.

It is interesting that some time
back in the press actively discussed the forthcoming divorce of David and Victoria. In The Network
and then there were news that the Beckhams are on the verge of termination
marriage. Fortunately, it seems that all the media speculation about the bad relationship
the pair turned out to be nothing more than empty guesswork. And, it is possible that soon David and
Victoria, in spite of all the spiteful critics, do give the world another child.

David and Victoria Beckham

Photo: Instagram.ru

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