The Network released a correspondence model of Kazakhstan with the threats his wife Arshavina

В Сети обнародована переписка модели из Казахстана с угрозами жены Аршавиной Olga gave to journalists the screenshots. They show that Alice Arshavin was indeed FSB officers, and demanded explanations from the model in a rough form. Semenova has filed a statement to the Prosecutor General with a demand to protect her.
В Сети обнародована переписка модели из Казахстана с угрозами жены Аршавиной

The scandal between the model and Arshavina Alice has taken a new turn. Olga Semenova told reporters about the video, which appeared online with her. According to the young girl, the wife of a popular football player had threatened her and FSB officers.

“Why grabbed it and shot it? Write to him now if you don’t want to sit down and to know your boyfriend. I’m a member of the FSB” – the text came in messages Semenova on Instagram.

The girl was outraged by the behavior of Alice, but wasn’t afraid. “Yes, even star wars, I didn’t removed”, – said Olga. Wife Arshavin believed that the model from Kazakhstan she released this video. According to Semenova, she doesn’t know how the video got to the Network.

Wife Arshavin brought the model vacationing with him to a nervous breakdown

“About the fact that I threw the video and asked about the reward money. Again, turn to Arshavina. Alice, you do not mind the fact that the video was already online, and that you threw me? A screenshot is attached of course. In any case, dear, if you remember correctly, the incident with the airline was on January 8. That you are an employee of the FSB, you wrote to me on December 28. How could I ask money for the video, which has already been online?” she said, turning to the wife of the football player.
В Сети обнародована переписка модели из Казахстана с угрозами жены Аршавиной

Besides, Semenov has managed to address in law enforcement bodies of Kazakhstan. She wrote a letter to the Prosecutor General of the Republic with the requirement to protect her name.

“I am a law-abiding citizen of the Republic of Kazakhstan. In the modeling business, which is based on beauty, health and love to people. By the nature of their activities, I communicate with many well-known public figures of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Abroad, with whom they are in friendly relations. All my life I value their honor and dignity. All of these actions Arshavina not only humiliated my honor and dignity, but also cause significant damage to my business reputation and just as a good person,” – said in a statement published on the website of “Moskovsky Komsomolets”.