Released Semenov brought Shurygin hysterical

Вышедший на свободу Семенов довел Шурыгину до истерики The infamous inhabitant of Ulyanovsk has declared, that Sergey believes the rapist who should be behind bars. Moreover, Diana Shurygina extremely negative opinions about the family Semenova. Girl negatively described the behavior of his loved ones.
Вышедший на свободу Семенов довел Шурыгину до истерики

On the morning of January 10, a resident of Ulyanovsk Sergey Semenov, who was convicted for statutory rape Diana Shurygina, ahead of schedule left on freedom. The young man met the closest people. The plans is to recover to University and get a job.

Sergey Semenov: “I disliked the family of Diana Shurygina”

Diana Shurygina recently gave an interview in which commented on the release of Sergei Semenov. The girl is furious that he spent only a year. Diana said Sergei rapist. Speaking about Semenov, she raised her voice.

“I think it’s unfair. Year! He spent just one year! It is not enough. He didn’t realize it. He is an evil man. Sits there as king, says: “I wanted to be a priest, so I lied”. I have proved that I was right. He was convicted. And then he leaves. Only a year!” – emotionally said Shurygina.
Вышедший на свободу Семенов довел Шурыгину до истерики

According to Diana, the criminals should not shorten their stay behind bars. “I don’t even know what for rapists can be a mild punishment,” she laments. Shurygin believes that Semenov need to find a job where it will benefit society.

“This is a very scary man. Evil. And his family angry. I think he needs to go to work in an orphanage. Should bring some benefit. Must learn to communicate with people and to be kinder,” said the girl.
Вышедший на свободу Семенов довел Шурыгину до истерики

Rape Diana Shurygina occurred in March 2016. Guilty of a crime recognized Sergey Semenov. Initially he was sentenced to eight years in colony with a strict form, but then the term was reduced to three years and three months in a correctional facility of General regime. Shurygina was at the center of public attention after he participated in program shootings “Let speak”.

During a recent conversation with journalists Diana said that she was tired of fallen on her popularity. However, the girl does not regret that betrayed the story. Shurygina now happily married in October of last year it has legalized relationship with videographer Andrew.

“If we go back, I would have done exactly the same. I think Semenov is deservedly came to the colony. He is to blame. I wouldn’t have met my husband,” says Diana.

After Shurygina became the heroine of the TV show, her family began to threaten. Faced with bullying, parents of Diana was forced to leave Ulyanovsk. According to correspondents of TV channel “360”, her mother and father still can’t find a job.