The daughter of Anna Samokhina told about the torments of the actress before her death

Дочь Анны Самохиной рассказала о муках актрисы перед смертью The actress died of stomach cancer in 2010. The heiress movie stars Alexander came to the Studio of the program “the Destiny of man” with the YouTube Koschevnikovi. The daughter of Anna Samokhina told how he left the life of her famous mother.
Дочь Анны Самохиной рассказала о муках актрисы перед смертью

Anna Samokhina burned very quickly from cancer within two months. In 2010, doctors diagnosed the famous actress stomach cancer. The last weeks before his death, the artist spent in the hospice ward.

The daughter of movie stars Alexander came to the Studio of the program “the Destiny of man”. The heiress said, why not live with famous mother after she divorced with her father-an actor. Alexander also told me how to leave the life of Anna Samokhina.

“I stayed with my father after their divorce. Because I’m always on the side of the oppressed. She’s the one dad left. I think it was for her to strike, but then I didn’t understand. I wanted to support dad,” said Alexander.

For a long time Samokhina, Jr. lived with his father, only occasionally communicating with my mom. But soon Alexander Samokhin married woman with two children. Anna persuaded her daughter back to her, explaining that the man and so hard to support his family. Alexander agreed to the proposal of the artist. Soon mother and daughter were connected.

According to Alexander, the actress was very emotional man. Anna lived constantly in motion and next to him wanted to see a strong man. After parting from the first husband, the artist married businessman Dmitry Konorov. Second choice is a movie star known very jealous wife. The Union of entrepreneur and actress has broken up after seven years.

Anna Samokhina was often attributed novels with many men. Among the admirers of the actress appeared actors Dmitry Nagiev and Arnis Licitis. However, the latest love actress was a former customs officer Yevgeny Fyodorov. The artist lived with a man in a civil marriage, but in 2006, the couple broke up. Despite this, Eugene was visiting Anna in the last weeks before her death.

Alexander remembers how the actress became dramatically bad, an emergency ambulance took the star to the clinic. There the doctors after a series of tests revealed the actress Oncology, long time the doctors had kept from her the actress of her fatal diagnosis.

“I came to visit her. We talked, laughed, and then I left the room and in the hallway faced the doctor. He took me to the window and said that mom has stage 4 metastatic cancer. Affected the whole body. “Get ready, two months.” I have the tears rolled. Mom didn’t know she was hiding. The doctors did not say they pulled up to the last”, – shared Alexander.
Дочь Анны Самохиной рассказала о муках актрисы перед смертью

According to the daughter, the mother stoically listened to the death sentence of doctors. “She said, “we Will be treated”. She’s way was incredibly dignified, brave, beautiful. It’s incredible,” said Samokhina, Jr.

Alexander also noted that a famous actress in the last years before his death, has changed a lot, grown spiritually, have studied the Holy books, and visited churches. “She became a different person, prepared have come to this point. Mom told me once, “I had no idea how much I love you!”, – said Alexander.

The sister of actress Margaret could not hold back the tears, remembering Anna. The woman told me that all my life star cinema, fond of building and doing repairs.

“When the doctors came to her into the room, put IV drips, pain killers… They were like talking so it was okay. And when I got her, everyone was crying,” shared sister of the actress.

According to Margaret and Alexandra, Anna asked to take her to the hospice. The actress knew that soon enough, she was afraid to stay alone in the apartment.

She moved on early in the morning in early February 2010. The hospice nurse called the sister of actress and told the relative of the terrible news.

“I got up very early, at six in the morning. Took a shower, then I never drove a car, and driving it very far. This day was planned to spend the night with her. I went to the kitchen and there stood my husband, he told me: “Mom no more,” said Alexander.

At the end of the program the daughter told me that I would like to say the famous mother.

“Mommy, my beloved, you for me an example in life, of strength, of femininity. I love you very much. I know we’ll be together soon. Because life is a moment. You’re the best mom” – summed up Sasha.

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