В Сеть попал ответ Первого канала на требования Линдси Лохан

The story about the romance in the relationship Lindsay Lohan and Yegor Tarabarova and their scandalous breakup could become the basis for a new edition of the program “Let them talk”, however, demands that for their participation in the talk-show advanced side Hollywood stars, made attempts to create the program.

Recall, for their participation in the filming, Lohan has requested more than 500 thousand pounds, as well as a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin to take a selfie with him. These two points were the longest in Ryder actress. She also claimed to provide her stylists, makeup artists, provide her with a private plane for convenient transportation and many more.

Today the network got the response of the First channel to the demands of Lohan.

Unfortunately for the actress, ether in the framework of the program “Let them say” we don’t see.

So, the letter States that at all desire, no matter how much the producers didn’t want to draw Lohan to shoot, they can’t afford it financially. The sum named in the rider is too big for even the most popular talk shows in the country. The letter also notes that in the Studio at different times, was no less illustrious celebrities, including Jean-Paul Belmondo, Naomi Campbell and Hugh Grant, who for his presence sufficed only 10 thousand dollars.

Instead of a private jet for Lindsay proposed first or business class on a regular flight and visa Lohan will not receive annual and the one that will determine the visa application centre. But the hotel, security, hairdresser, makeup artist and manicurist First channel can easily provide the capricious star. They are also ready to provide her any sort of entertainment, at any time.

Response from the representative of the actress has not yet been received.


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