Тутта Ларсен предпочла сексу просмотр кино Famous TV presenter shared her experience. Tutta Larsen admitted that the doctor gave her an unusual advice, through which she experienced a pleasant feeling. Star talks about this on air TUTTA.TV.

      Тутта Ларсен предпочла сексу просмотр кино

      Tutta Larsen and his family returned from Sunny Sochi, where she spent a vacation on the Black sea. The star immersed himself in the work. At the beginning of September the new season of television for parents TUTTA.TV.

      Creator and host of the channel tutta Larsen is preparing to surprise the audience with interesting discussions and unusual stories. In addition, the star, the mother of three will share with other parents personal experience.

      Recall that in its programmes of the channel leading often raises very intimate topics. The new season of the channel is no exception. Larsen will talk about his experiment when she chose sex movies.

      “Personally, I don’t like to have sex the day before your birth, although some couples it can help when the due date came, and the child does not appear to light, – shared the leading. The younger Vanya, too, was in no hurry to birth, but my husband used a different method, which was recommended by my doctor, watched French comedies. Laughter affects the body both physically and hormonally, so laugh from the heart, that night we went to give birth!”, – admitted tutta.
      Тутта Ларсен предпочла сексу просмотр кино

      We will remind, in July the youngest son of Ivan Larsen was a year old. To celebrate the birthday of the baby, the family decided on the Black sea. According to the leader, all the family holidays they choose to celebrate only with my closest people.

      The younger son hit home with Larsen first saw the sea

      “I am very happy the long-awaited vacation and the fact that this time I can fully devote to your family, shared Larsen with “StarHit”. – My husband and children are delighted with the sea, sun and new experiences. Although our youngest Vani’s first trip to the sea, a change of scenery is best for him. He actively studies and develops. Recently pleased us with the fact that I learned to do Patty cake and play the game “let’s fly sat on his head”, in General, satisfied and happy.”

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