Новая провокация Лозы: Земфира как исполнитель никакая

The birthday of the singer Zemfira Yuri Loza, critical statements which have previously been Western stars, allowed himself to comment on her work.

So, singer of the hit “the Raft” said he believes the vocal abilities Zemfira is not worthy of attention, and her “no” as singer: “As a performer she is nothing as a musician — is difficult to say. She is the author with his vision of the world, but the world is not interested in me. Not even close to be a star of world size. Her technical skill is not enough. There is need in the notes to get different, writing songs not based on the inner world and the text and the music, which she not so much.”

Also, the Vine believes that the lyrics of Zemfira’s no special hidden meaning (these curtains are just blue, Carl): “I have all these cracks is unclear. We have sick people who do not understand, trying in their words to put deep meanings. When you say strange words, do you have fans that will fill them with meaning.”

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