The Network got a rare family photo of Pelagia

В Сеть попало редкое семейное фото Пелагеи Fans found that the singer blossomed after the birth of her daughter. Singer Pelageya the picture shows with her husband, hockey player Ivan by Telegony. The star leads a pretty private life and prefers not to dwell on the personal.
В Сеть попало редкое семейное фото Пелагеи

The singer Pelageya, which became one of the mentors of the sixth season of the popular show “the Voice”, is quite closed from the prying eyes of life.

Singer tries not to dwell on the personal, not showing her daughter Taisiya and rarely goes out with her husband. And more recently, Pelagia no longer keep its microblog on Instagram, explaining his refusal by the fact that he doesn’t want replication of personal photos. Fans discuss the frames wife Pelagia with a small daughter

Because fans of the folk singer have to settle for those pictures that are randomly enter the Network. This can be footage of some events where there is the singer, or photos taken during the recording of “Voice.”

So, on one of the pages was a picture in which Pelagia pictured with her husband, hockey player Ivan by Telegony. Apparently, the photo was taken during the joint release of a couple on the occasion of some event. Pelagia is dressed in a gorgeous black blouse, the singer, flawless makeup, nicely styled hair. Ivan Telegin dressed in a stylish gray suit and a turtleneck to match the dress of his wife.

Fans admired the beautiful couple and how fabulous it looks Pelagia. They agreed that motherhood has changed the singer, and expressed his joy about the fact that will soon see his darling project “the Voice”. “You beautiful!” “Yes, this beauty is truly a woman after childbirth becomes more beautiful”, “Well, I’ll see you on “the Voice” again!”, “Pelagia, you blossomed!”, “Family is priceless,” discussed the family Pelageya her loyal fans.

Recall that Pelagia could not take part in the filming of the fifth season of the show “the Voice”, as he was forced to leave in the decree. This was officially announced by the press service of the First channel. However, during pregnancy she continued to give concerts. Exactly a month after the birth of her daughter Taisia Pelageya again came on the scene.

It happened during the jubilee concert Nicholas Rastorguev 21 Feb 2017. A young mother, who performed in the Kremlin, the song “Horse,” admitted that day for the first time parted ways with the newborn heir. The audience could not help but note how beautiful it looks Pelagia. Black dress with floral print emphasized slender figure of the singer. And the vocals were, as always inimitable.