Гибель молодых борцов в Грозном потрясла мир спорта Today in Chechnya abolished competition in mixed martial arts. 19 Aug athletes crashed in a car accident. Two passengers died and three of the victims managed to survive.
Гибель молодых борцов в Грозном потрясла мир спорта

August 19 in the Chechen capital of Grozny as a result of road traffic accidents died two athletes – Mansur Demilhanov and Arsene karaketov. Young people were engaged in mixed martial arts. While details of the incident were not disclosed. It is known that injured in an accident and the other coach Dmitry Surtees and Alexander Kolesnikov are now under the supervision of doctors, and Sergei Denisov received minor injuries.

Due to the tragic death of young people decided to cancel important events. This Sunday, August 20, was scheduled NCAA tournament MMA. In memory of the victims of the soldiers of the contest was postponed to another date.

“When I heard about what happened with the guys of the tragedy, I experienced a shock. Any such incident is a tragedy, – said the first Vice-President of the MMA Union of Russia Radmir Gabdullin. – I am a former professional athlete and many went to camps and competitions. I offer my sincere condolences from the MMA Union of Russia to the families and friends of the dead boys. And wish a speedy recovery to those athletes, for the health and life fighting doctors. I hope that they will recover.”
Гибель молодых борцов в Грозном потрясла мир спорта

Internet users can not believe what happened. They left condolences to the family and friends of the victims of young people. “I’m so sorry. They left warriors!”, “Eternal memory! Speedy recovery guys!”, “Very sorry for the boys, the Kingdom of heaven, the rest of health”, – wrote in a Network.

Group dedicated to the Student League of the mixed single combats, a version of the incident. One user said that he had witnessed the tragedy. According to him, the car, which drove the athletes crashed into a truck. However, while the official version of the accident was not reported.

Гибель молодых борцов в Грозном потрясла мир спорта

The President of the League of mixed martial arts Givi Papacqua also brought condolences to the families of the dead athletes.

“All athletes, coaches, leaders – they are our allies in the promotion of our sport. And in any such tragedy is just unbelievable,” – said Radmir Gabdullin in conversation with journalists of the edition “R-Sports”.