Abraham Russo has revealed the secrets of the past in his debut book

Авраам Руссо раскрыл тайны прошлого в дебютной книге The singer will present autobiographical work. In it, the artist touched upon themes, which did not dare to speak or communicating with fans or in interviews with journalists. Avraam Russo will tell what secrets keeps his family and how he managed to come back to life after a brutal assassination attempt.
Авраам Руссо раскрыл тайны прошлого в дебютной книге

Singer four years of working on a song that called “In search of the truth.” In it he tells not only about the unknown facts of his biography, personal experiences, and tries to find answers to philosophical questions – what man is born to how to become happy…

Авраам Руссо раскрыл тайны прошлого в дебютной книге“I wrote mostly in the aircraft, – says Abraham “StarHit”. – Fly times for fifteen per month. And sometimes, at night. Went, but half an hour later jumped up and ran to the computer, felt the need to Express thoughts! Read thousands of different books, before you sit down for your own. A lot of prayer. This work is not even written body, and spirit. I decided to publish it on their own, did not appeal to publishers. Circulation until five thousand copies”.
Авраам Руссо раскрыл тайны прошлого в дебютной книге

The book presentation will take place at the end of September, and while Abraham is preparing for the premiere of the video for the song “My feelings – lace” on poems of the famous poet Mikhail Gutseriev. He, incidentally, became one of the first readers of the work.


About unknown relatives

“God sent my parents to two boys, one of whom is your humble servant, and one of the girls. At the time of birth of first two children parents were extremely poor and forced to give up their more wealthy Christian family. The older brother I never saw, and my sister and we first met when I was seventeen years old.”
Авраам Руссо раскрыл тайны прошлого в дебютной книге


How learning to walk again after the attack

“At night, renewed pain, not helped even the most powerful tablets. After their adoption for about two hours I felt better, but then the pain returned with the same force. During the illness I have, in fact, forgotten how to walk, and I had as in early childhood, re-grasp is an important skill – to push the earth in the opposite direction from the movement side.”


About the secret baptism

Авраам Руссо раскрыл тайны прошлого в дебютной книге“A month after we found out about the pregnancy Merely, I took her to Jerusalem, and the temple of the Two Holy Jacob, in the presence of the priesthood, my favorite was Baptized. She became passionately believing Christian. This event we kept a secret from her family until 2009. Until her parents and niece have undergone the rite of Baptism”.