The name Hugh Hefner appears in a sex scandal bill Cosby

Имя Хью Хефнера фигурирует в секс-скандале Билла Косби

Hugh Hefner may not approve (at least publicly) of the actions of his longtime friend bill Cosby, but he will get part of the bad fame that the famous comedian has earned over the past few years.

One of the victims from the infamous artist Chloe Goines, has filed a lawsuit against Cosby, only three months ago. Woman accuses Bill of assault that took place at the mansion “Playboy” in 2008. The same document mentions the victim and Hugh Hefner, accusing him of conspiring with Cosby and the infliction of emotional injuries.
“The criminal actions of Hugh Hefner boil down to the fact that he invited young and sometimes underage girls to his house, offered them alcoholic beverages and foreign matter. Maybe it’s negligence, maybe intentional acts. Mr. Hefner could not know about those proceedings and the prosecution of bill in sexual harassment and rape, and still invited him to his house, knowing that the invited girls could face danger,” — said in a lawsuit Goines.
Like the other victims of bill (and there are already more than six tens – and those are the ones officially made statements against the comedian-pervert), Goines claims that Cosby spiked her drink drugs, then raped her.
The woman claims that Hugh Hefner is considering as a partner, “which made the rape possible”. Lawyers Goines insist on this and believe that bringing Hugh to an open court case would shed more light on the nasty things that worked his longtime friend in the estate of “Playboy”.
Recall that for all the accusations, Cosby says that this is a slander. Last year he fired his previous lawyer and hired a new one. Like previous human rights activists, the lawyer called the bill the innocent and victims of a comic called “greedy vymogatelya”.

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