Anastasia Makeeva was in the police in the Canary Islands

Анастасия Макеева попала в полицию на Канарских островах

Yesterday we wrote about the fact that the actress Anastasia Makeeva went abroad on the island of Tenerife to heal wounds after a bad breakup with her husband Gleb Matveychuk. But even abroad before Anastasia got problems in the face of thieves.

On his page in Instagram Makeeva published a photo where she poses with some of his friends at the police station. In comments to the snapshot Anastasia told me that their company was the victim of a local thieves: “That day is not a day without news and adventures.While I rested peacefully in the evening and plunging headlong into the heart-wrenching sentimentality ,watching the cartoon “finding Nemo “My friend managed not to notice as she stole a bag with money ,rights,two passports,and she plane and painted the entire month traveling around Europe and all is now impossible.���But ,this young lady smiles and thanks to her we visited the Canarian police �☺now that’s impressive!��”


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