Leonardo DiCaprio in Cannes flirting with a new brunette

Леонардо Ди Каприо в Каннах флиртует с новой брюнеткой

It seems that this is now the Oscar-winning actor will never settle down. Like many members of the star party, now Leonardo DiCaprio enjoys a vacation on the Cote d’azur, where these days passes the 69th Cannes film festival.

DiCaprio has never appeared on the red carpet, but mark already.

On the eve of the star of the film “Survivors” together with his good Tobey Maguire seen at Gotha Club. There men were having fun, drinking…and flirting.

In particular, the heartthrob DiCaprio was seen in a mysterious brunette. Leo attempts to hide from the paparazzi failed miserably, because everyone has long been familiar favorite “camouflage” cap actor. As eyewitnesses of what is happening, DiCaprio paid the girl much attention, was very nice.

Later on in this mysterious brunette secular observers learned representative of fashion lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret Georgiou Fowler. Now everything fell into place. For models of the actor and pulls, however, his preference is still somewhat changed: previously, if Leo chose mostly leggy blondes, but now his attention turned to brunettes.

By the way, in new York a few days earlier, the actor spent time with the Eloi Kavalec. Several times the movie star was seen with a Polish model, but to comment on these walks the actor was in no hurry.

I wonder who will be next?…


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