The mother of Carrie Fisher did not survive the death of the daughter

Мать Кэрри Фишер не перенесла смерть дочери Actress Debbie Reynolds has died at the age of 84. According to foreign tabloids, the woman struck a stroke. The mother of the performer of the role of Princess Leia died in the hospital. She probably couldn’t cope with grief.

    Мать Кэрри Фишер не перенесла смерть дочери

    As reported by foreign tabloids, the day before I left the life of actress Debbie Reynolds, mother of Carrie Fisher. According to some reports, the woman was struck with a stroke. She probably couldn’t deal with the death of his daughter. The star of 60 years was hospitalized, but doctors were unable to save her life. The woman died at the hospital. This was reported by her son, Todd Fisher.

    Recall that a few days ago, fans of “Star wars” was shocked by the news of the death of the performer of the role of Princess Leia Carrie Fisher. The actress and writer passed away due to heart failure. The star flew to London for the presentation of his new book “the Princess Diaries”, and on the way back she had a heart attack. Immediately after landing of an airliner in the United States she was taken to the hospital, but to save the actress failed.

    It is worth noting that mom was there for Carrie during her stay in a medical facility. The woman even told me that in Christmas as heir has been stable. But later came the news of the death of the performer of the role of Leah.

    In the past few years Carrie and Debbie were very close. Daughter often shared the pictures with a parent in social networks, which was accompanied by heartwarming captions. Reynolds looked great for its 84 years as all his life been accustomed to look after themselves. The peak of her career was at 50-60 years of XX century. She played in musicals. The most striking Debbie – the movie “singin’ in the rain”, released in 1952.

    Personal life Reynolds was less successful. Her marriage to Carrie’s father collapsed, she went through a difficult divorce, but then he met Harry Karl, who became her second husband. However, the heiress Debbie divorce greatly affected. The girl soon began to use drugs and drink, and then she had to undergo treatment from addictions. However, as admitted Carrie, she did not care that she could die. “Everything is associated with pain, I don’t like. I was there with people when they died. It did not look joyful. But if I was going to do it, I’d like to see someone like me. And I’ll be there!” – said the actress.