В нужное время: как бренды, рестораны и звезды нажились на разводе «тарабузиков» The separation of the presenter and the footballer became one of the most talked-about events of 2016. Fans celebrities have put forward many theories why it happened, and some tried to use the spat between Buzova and Tarasov as a way to advertise their goods and services. “StarHit” to find out how the public reacted to what happened in the family of Olga and Dmitry.

      В нужное время: как бренды, рестораны и звезды нажились на разводе «тарабузиков»

      30 December in the petty-bourgeois registry office of Moscow terminated the marriage of Dmitry Tarasov and Olga Buzova. The separation of the celebrities seemed to be the perfect couple, excited the public and has become one of the most talked about events of the year. Some fans of “tarabuco” compared to the disorder in the family of Angelina Jolie and brad pitt.

      Anyway, any news that gets wide publicity in the Network begins to be used by those who want to attract extra attention. “StarHit” remembered cases when the representatives of the companies and individuals trying to capitalize on the divorce of footballer and presenter, and spoke about what happened in their family.

      Here the story ends: the biggest divorces of the year that are hard to believe

      Mystical book

      In December 2016, a number of portals, has published an article that the publishing house “Eksmo” issued the book “step-by-Step instruction: how to become the husband of Olga Buzova”. It was reported that the work of some of Marina Rybnikova can be purchased at the Moscow house of books on Novy Arbat.

      В нужное время: как бренды, рестораны и звезды нажились на разводе «тарабузиков»

      However to the correspondent “StarHit” failed to read the works of the leader of a mysterious international women’s Association. Online store this product is no longer available, and the sellers of the capital of the store are unable to say anything definite about it. Also suspicious that in the “Instagram” of the author, reference to which is posted on the cover of the book, there is no post dedicated to release long-awaited instructions for the seduction of a well-known TV presenter. Even more strange is the fact that all the notes and positions on the book, I used the same photo. Other pictures step-by-step instructions in the Network was not there.

      To hang noodles on the ears

      At the end of the year on the website of one of the grocery delivery service with recipes, a new dish – chicken noodle with an unusual name “Tarasov-23”. All those who have not followed the recent events in the life of the presenter and sportsman, this dish would have seemed strange, but not fans of “tarabuco”. We will remind that Dmitry Tarasov is a midfielder Moscow “Locomotive” and stands at number 23. This figure is used in the Nike sports stars on Instagram.

      It is not known if it helped designed to attract attention to the name to increase the number of customers and average check amount. The store says that most often take noodle dumplings, salad, honey cakes and the drink – probably for the classic lunch in the Russian style.

      В нужное время: как бренды, рестораны и звезды нажились на разводе «тарабузиков»

      Exclusive Burger

      The restaurant chain “Burger king” has a unique approach to public relations and advertising. The staff of the relevant divisions of the brand with enviable regularity come up with provocative campaigns that use the most headlines and attract the resonance shapes. So, the eccentric showman Nikita Dzhigurda is the face of “the Worst of the whopper”, and informed users of social networks discussed creative slogans, for example, “us battered” or “Like needlove”.

      Of course, one of the world’s largest operator of fast food could not respond to the divorce “tarabuco”. However, the reaction of the “Burger king” caused such an active public discussion, as the use of Aviasales news about problems in the family of pitt and Jolie, however, did the trick. Photos from the new dish network fast-food restaurants have spread around all social networks. Internet users reacted to the offer “PR” known brand out there has released an exclusive Burger with spicy sauce and Packed it in the box with the caption “Big hell for Olga Buzova”.

      В нужное время: как бренды, рестораны и звезды нажились на разводе «тарабузиков»

      Career Of Olga Buzova

      After parting with Dmitry Tarasov Olga Buzova immersed himself in work. Celebrity career took off. She opened her own corner in multi-brand store Russian designers, recorded the successful song has broken records for smachivaemogo in iTunes and entered the top 3 in number of subscribers in Instagram.

      Olga Buzova poured my heart out: “Nerves stretched”

      Buzova already managed to accuse of wanting to cash in on their own divorce. Followers celebrities say that it has increased the number of advertising publications, and, according to some, has earned about 16 million rubles. Some of them are sure that such step is quite justified, because after it became known about the separation of the presenter and her husband, fans Olga began more often to go to its product page in search of news. By the way, the audience Buzova estimated seven million people and is second only to Timothy and Nastassja Samburski.

      Some critics of Olga claim that her story has many inconsistencies. For example, they note that the hit “the sounds of kisses” dedicated to the complex relationship with a loved one. According to this part of users of social networks, Buzova not knowingly released this song just in the moment when it became known about her breakup with Tarasov. Live MUZ-TV star responded to the attacks of the haters. According to Olga, work on the track was long before she decided to break up with her husband. When she was first introduced to this song familiar part of the environment Buzova did not believe in its success.

      “This is a song I recorded back in the summer, then many people told me: “Why do you need it? What kind of g***? It’s terrible”… it So happened that it came out when I was generally not up to the presentations. I wanted to do a large-scale presentation of its 30th anniversary. Quite unexpectedly for me, this track won first place,” said the leader.


      Any high-profile event immediately attracts a lot of comments and feedback in social networks. After it became known about the breakup seemed the perfect couple, many have begun to publish photos, videos and statuses on “tarabostes”. So, Irakli Pirtskhalava recorded address to Tarasov and Buzova.

      “To make peace, I beg of you, be friends. Olya, Dima, I beg you, don’t get divorced. So, how’s the family? Well, OKS! In Georgian, I ask you, make up. Gather, interact, sorry. At worst, at least call each other,” says the singer in his video.

      Try to reason with bickering stars also decided Nastasya Samburski. The star of “Univer” posted a photo and post in her characteristic ironic style.

      “I hope at least in this story I will not suspect… me and football do not like. “Tarabotti”! Make it up, please. Nothing personal, just a PR for your account” — signed a snapshot of Samburski.

      The publication of the actress appreciated Dmitry Tarasov, who left the following comment: “Nastya, do not shoot us.” Later Samburski stood up for the player in the comments to publish one online edition. “Let’s do it!.. Maybe he’s with the brunette resting? Let’s go! Don’t skimp on the version, to hell with his personal life! Put your hand deep in someone else’s f***, maybe there is something interesting there! I love our people!” said the star of “Univer” in social networks.

      My opinion about the song Olga was expressed by the participants of “Battle of psychics” Marilyn Kerro. Estonian witch sure Buzova is better not to do writing songs and focus on what she does best – work leading.

      Marilyn Kerro song Buzova: “Olya, it’s not your way”

      In the Internet appeared the memes dedicated to the separation Buzova and Tarasova. One of them published in his “Instagram”, former participant of “House-2” Rustam Solntsev. The entertainer shared the photo, which depicts Marina Fedunkiv in a wig. Recall that the woman regularly parodies the well-known leading social networks.

      “Buz, baby, hang in there. He is a fool,” shared sun.

      Broad public discussion is also caused Buzova song “the sounds of kissing.” Despite the statement of the star that the song was recorded last year, a number of fans Olga believes that the way she spoke on the topic of a messy divorce with Tarasov.

      Work Buzova criticized by many representatives of show business. So, Kate Gordon believes that the new role of stars has a negative impact on the General state of the Russian platform. “The musicians I long to write wonderful music, vocalists, including you, sing, and poets to write the coolest lyrics coming Buzova, in the morning decided I should sing and get the first place purely quantitatively, technically,” wrote a woman in his microblog.

      Olga Buzova became the object of harassment by colleagues

      Point Gordon was supported by the editor of the musical project “Voice” Aziz. “I am in a wild shock. And it’s not the Olga Buzova, she wanted, and sang like a million Naousa singers, and rightly so, and well done! In another case. People it downloads, and it’s scary… People really get pleasure from such music and sound” – commented she.

      Not remained aloof from the song “the sounds of kisses” and Marina Fedunkiv, who presented a parody of the use of special processing of the vocals in this track. In one series, mini-series, “Girlfriend,” which also starred the ex-soloist of group “Vintage” Anna Pletnev, comedienne tried to make it sound like in the song Buzova.