Алина Кабаева высказалась в защиту Елены Исинбаевой A celebrity has commented on the scandal before the Olympic games in Rio. The decision of the International Association of athletics federations Alina Kabaeva considers unfair. According to star, the accusations against worthy athletes are beyond good and evil.

      Алина Кабаева высказалась в защиту Елены Исинбаевой

      Olympic champion in rhythmic gymnastics and the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the holding “national Media Group” Alina Kabaeva summed up the year. Gymnast said that closely followed the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro and proud of the successes of Russian athletes. Kabaeva had planned to go to Brazil as a supporter, but due to a busy work schedule was forced to cancel a trip to the international competition.

      Among the major disappointments of the Rio 2016 celebrity called a series of scandals that will be remembered the start of the Olympics. The sports star said that supported Elena Isinbaeva in the difficult period for it and regularly called up to the world record holder in pole vaulting. Kabaeva has also shared his attitude to this difficult situation.

      “Yelena Isinbayeva had every right to beautifully complete his career. And was ready for it. The fact that she was not allowed to compete at the Olympics is not just injustice, it’s a complete mess! To prevent the net from the point of view of doping athletes to compete only because in the team there are those who have been convicted of reception of the forbidden preparations, – it’s beyond good, evil, and common sense. This is the real barbarism. And hard assessment in this case is justified because the functionaries who took the decision to ban, well aware that high performance sport is an absolutely unique thing,” shared the celebrity.

      According to Kabaeva, in sports, in any case should not impose a collective responsibility. Such actions she described as monstrous. “It’s all the same that to forbid Mozart to participate in the concert which he was preparing for several years, just because another musician before the performance broke the rules of training…” – said the star in its position.

      Recall that Yelena Isinbayeva was not admitted by the International Association of athletics federations to participate in the Olympic games in 2016, held in Rio de Janeiro. The IAAF decision was a real blow for the jumper with a pole, she said that she will never be able to live with it. 19 Aug Isinbayeva announced his retirement from sports.

      In the early 2000s Alina Kabaeva is also embroiled in a doping scandal. In 2001, the gymnast was disqualified together with Irina Tchachina. The celebrity admitted to the edition “Sport Express” that the news was like a thunder in a clear sky. Still Kabaeva can’t bear to remember what happened.