The family Kardashian-Jenner feed the homeless

Семья Кардашьян-Дженнер накормили бездомных

The family Kardashian-Jenner is decided to encourage people who at Christmas have not had the opportunity to be at the table and enjoy delicious dishes. Together with workers outreach program RedEye members of the numerous family Kardashian-Jenner decided to take care of the homeless and giving them food in downtown Los Angeles.

Семья Кардашьян-Дженнер накормили бездомных

Led the process Kris Jenner. She distributed to the needy for 100 sets with ready-made dishes, among which was a souffle of sweet potatoes, Turkey, ham, braised ribs, mashed potatoes, pies, frozen meals, cheese, truffle.

“They had no idea what I’m going to send this, but I felt that people should know about the good side of the heart of the family Kardashian-Jenner”, — commented on the donation of the family, the representative of the outreach program.

Judging by the photos, homeless people were happy, because the efforts of the Kardashian-Jenner was not in vain.