Стас Пьеха вспомнил о чувствах к бывшей жене The artist explained how he had a relationship with Natalia. Some time ago Phil Collins broke up with his wife, because I realized that it could not coincide with her views on life. Besides, the singer was very tired to “give” herself to family life.

      Стас Пьеха вспомнил о чувствах к бывшей жене

      In June of this year, everyone was shocked by the recognition of Stas Piekha that he divorced wife, Natalya Gorchakova, with whom they were married about two years ago. Many accused the actor that he walked out and left his wife and child. Married Piekha was born the son of Peter. Stas was so hurt by the remarks of journalists and users of social networks, which he publicly justified. Ex-participant of “factory of stars” said that in family life, despite not living with them. In the program “Alone with all”, the singer spoke frankly about the relationship with Natasha and remembered why he decided to marry. Stas Pyekha: “I fully support the wife with the son!”

      Stas admitted that he and his childhood lacked love. He was not able to understand how to Express this feeling. One of the hardest times in life Collins returned from a tour all the sick and tired. According to the artist, he then had a nervous breakdown. Friends advised him to stop psyching yourself out and said that the young man should have a family. Their wish came true just a few months.

      Meeting with future wife Natalia happened in the hospital. As Collins says, he was treating spasms in the head, and she’s back. Gradually they became closer, started Dating, and in October 2014 I got married.

      “We were at first good, warm together, but I don’t know what love is. I have no language. Love is a means, give. I first gave, but then the veil came down and began to denude nature. And our human differences became highly visible at some point. I had to honestly admit to himself that to continue so impossible,” said Peha.
      Стас Пьеха вспомнил о чувствах к бывшей жене

      However, according to Stas, they broke up with Natasha and friends. The man often comes to visit his son since they live nearby. “Yet he has the age, it’s hard for me to interact with him. He says little and does much. But soon will come the age when I will be able to take him by the hand, to talk to him and show something,” explained the singer.

      By the way, the Stas also grew up without a father, so I never thought that his family will suffer the same fate. However, according to the artist, his story is completely different. He regularly didn’t see the native father. That’s why Collins believes that Pete is much more fortunate. Stas Peha: “building a house for his wife, to see my son”