Солист группы «Дискотека Авария» потерял отца Alexey Ryzhov told the sad news in the microblogging. The artist has buried the father. Fans Express their condolences to the singer. Oleg Ivanovich was 77 years old. The cause of death Ryzhov was not called.

In the family of the soloist “Disco Crash” occurred on the mountain. Alexey Ryzhov said that his father died. The artist made a post full of bitterness, in the microblog. “Buried folder. Drink. Eat. Eternal memory. Ryzhov, Oleg Ivanovich,” wrote the singer about picture of a loved one.

Fans Express condolences to Alex. “May he rest in peace. God rest his soul”, “this Is our children, a sacred duty: to accompany parents to heaven. The final resting place of the soul. Comfort close”, “There is a good phrase: “When people die, they don’t disappear. They just become invisible” – supported Ryzhov subscribers.

Last year, father Alexis was only 77 years. An elderly man was respected all the family and loved to baby-sit with her granddaughter. Recall that the daughter Ryzhov was born in February 2016. For Alexei, the baby was the third child. The musician are two older children, son Ivan and daughter Tatiana. The actor met Irina on the Internet in the social network. The beloved singer was born in Astana. The novel evolved so rapidly that even a 16-year age difference did not prevent the Ira and Lesha.

Alex was not afraid to associate his life with his second wife. In spite of past bitter experience, he knew that he wanted to see Irina in the role of his wife. “I at one point realized that can’t live without Irina. She then visited mom in Astana, I can’t wait. To distract myself, went fishing in the Astrakhan region. And then I call an older sister, too, by the way, Ira – she is a Professor at the Higher school of Economics. In a conversation accidentally found out that sister is flying in Astana to raise the Kazakh economy, she’s got some meeting. “Then it’s fate,’ I said. – Flew along, will do my Ira offer!”- told artist “StarHit”.

Older children communicate with the father. She enjoys dancing, and son John is studying at the school. Alex was in no hurry to end the marriage with their mother Hope, and asked for a divorce only when he realized that he wanted to marry a second time. “I just explained what already 10 years live alone. We Hope not divorced, in order not to hurt the children. She had no illusions on my account. But when I decided to marry Irina, asked ex-wife to let me go, she did not mind” – shared Ryzhov.