Леонид Агутин сообщил о пристрастии к алкоголю The actor abused alcohol. According to Leonid Agutin, a few years ago, he could afford the extra. The artist calls himself a highly intelligent alcoholic.

Many artists admitted that working on the stage, at times, began to abuse alcohol. Leonid Agutin, who hit fame in the 90-ies, also could not resist the temptation to relieve stress through alcohol. As stated by the artist, he could restrain himself. Agutin calls himself a highly intelligent alcoholic, as the refusal of the drink does not prevent him to be creative.

“When I quit drinking, with myself not bored. I’m pretty self-sufficient person and don’t think how can I spend time on how to do without glasses. The horror of me not covers, there are lots of other activities. And it all started from the fact that when I was young, I was all in bulk, there the attention of journalists. I somehow got a little scared, was not ready, and so the only way of protection and defence had to be constantly “under gas”, so I was able to be an artist,” said Simon.

According to Leonid, he doesn’t remember what I thought in 20 years. However, the singer realizes that he became to take a different attitude to many things. “I can’t say that now you feel some changes in myself. Because people change every five years. Now, if I suddenly became a 20-year-old and then returned to your age, of course, the difference is sharply felt. I don’t even remember what the 20-year-old man thought!” – told the star.

Now Leonidas leaned on alcohol. However, a couple of years ago in the U.S. it got into trouble. They drank with a friend at the hotel, and then decided to go to a restaurant. “Was a long Saga, he was sitting behind the wheel. I fell asleep, woke up on the pavement, and the police read me my rights. As it turned out, the other for a very long time circling in the same place to find a restaurant. This caused suspicion among police officers. They took his car confiscated,” said Leonid about the adventures.

Leonid Agutin was on the street after a fight in a strip club

As the singer admitted, “Source”, now, too, there are moments when he wants to drink, but he allows himself is extremely rare.