Кристина Кузьмина о борьбе с раком: «Это моя не первая встреча с болезнью» Last summer, the actress has learnt that is sick with cancer. Kristina Kuzmina was hiding from fans and journalists a terrible disease. In a conversation with “StarHit” the actress said, as fighting cancer.
Кристина Кузьмина о борьбе с раком: «Это моя не первая встреча с болезнью»

Kristina Kuzmina won the love of audiences after roles in films and television series “Adjutants of love”, “Street”, “Secrets of the investigation”, “We are from the future 2”, “the man at the window”. Also the actress successfully plays in theatrical productions.

The actress first spoke about how struggling with cancer. In January Kuzmin had surgery. “StarHit” found that helps Christine to not give up and to continue to work, to play in a movie playing in the theater and to raise a daughter Agrippina-Agrippina.

“It’s not my first meeting with cancer – said the artist. Five years ago I have already got cancer. I was treated, had surgery, thought it went… And if we talk about this case. The second time, it is certainly mixed, strange feelings. You don’t feel the shock. But cling to the thought that this may be a mistake. If five years ago I didn’t fully understand the second time already knew what chemo… of Course, enthusiasm at first not very great. However, this is when they begin to be treated”.

The actress admitted her daughter that is sick. Christine decided not to hide from the child the terrible diagnosis.

Кристина Кузьмина о борьбе с раком: «Это моя не первая встреча с болезнью»“My daughter knows about the disease. I also had to cut your hair. I did not tell her all the details and processes of treatment. The first time she was shocked to see mom like this. She said, “Well, mommy, when you grow back your hair?!”. I don’t know whether or not to tell the child about cancer, but my daughter supports me,” said the artist.

Christine even learned how to find advantages in the fight against cancer. The doctors allowed her to diversify the diet, are harmful to figure products now the actress is allowed. “In the course of chemotherapy occurred to me many wonderful, positive things. For example, I could eat what I want! I’m in an incredible amount absorbed all the junk food, Goodies. It was so good! You absolutely don’t get better. This is cool!” – said the artist.

And about bobbed hair Christina has long wanted. But I was afraid to cut a MOP of Golden hair.

“All my life I wanted to keep it short, but knew that I did not have the courage and the spirit to cut off the hair, and then the incredible happened. Moreover, now that shot and tell me to return to my old way, I have the opportunity – thanks to the make-up artists. I “dressed” in long blond hair and think, “man, did I go? Don’t go.” I like that now you can experiment with color and length. I categorically do not intend to return to my old way!” – said Kuzmin.

Christina shared that fully learned to appreciate each day, enjoy the little things. The actress tries to find the beauty in everything. In her confession, even cold spring is not sad.

“I really appreciate life, even some small, everyday things. More forgiving people. Understand that tomorrow can someone disappear, I could be gone. It’s like we’re brought up on the long run. And everyone thinks that there is something good ahead. I try to find joy in every moment. There are moments of despair, but the thought of tomorrow always take up. I want to get a lot done, a lot to do. In my head a heap of ideas. I don’t want to think about anything bad. They live and live. But if next to me would not be close friends, I would not have coped. Because only their love, care saved me. Love works miracles rules the world – it’s true,” admitted Christine.