Пермячки пытаются отсудить у Минздрава 30 млн рублей за ошибку в роддоме Shvetsova and Savelyev became mothers 40 years ago. Each of them has a daughter. Many years later Tatiana Savelyeva learned the truth about his family, gave it to other people at the time of discharge from the hospital. It was really hard, but eventually she was able to establish a relationship with the biological mother.
Пермячки пытаются отсудить у Минздрава 30 млн рублей за ошибку в роддоме

“Okay. Bye, dad”, – says Tatyana Savelyeva and hangs up. Then dials another number and says, “Father! Hey… What’s new? When will I see you again? I’ve missed you”. If Tanya once said that she would call the popes of two different men – would not believe. But two years ago, our heroine was out in the hospital of the village, Pozhva, Perm the edges of her confused with another girl.

“Apparently, on March 7, the day of my birth, the midwives had already begun to celebrate the holiday – trying to make a joke about friendship. – That was a mistake… he knew the truth, had no idea how to live, not to cry – it was a few days. But then I realized: I have children, for their sake you need to pass this test.”

“Leave me alone! You’re not mine!”

Rimma Shvetsova, returning home with a newborn child, beginning to doubt if this is her daughter. “When Veronica first came to light, I asked him to show the woman said “StarHit”. – My older face is a birthmark, and I was wondering the entire pregnancy – will have a Junior. Look, but saw nothing. Then spun – feeding, diaper changing… When I arrived home, my husband was surprised to say: you said, no birthmarks, and they won, at the temples. I looked closer – and the truth! But tried to drive away bad thoughts…”

Over time, the situation has worsened – blond baby with blue eyes was like a stranger in the family dark Svetovych. “We felt that the cool husband refers to her daughter – continues Rimma. The eldest and fed and hugged, and the youngest for the whole day could never not take.

In addition, often repeated that she walk up. Of course, as a joke, but I understood it’s eating at him. And saw Veronica look more like my neighbor in the ward Savelyev, and temperament in her quiet, calm”. When the baby was 10 months old, she went to the neighboring village where there were a blood heir.

“Found the house and knocked at the door said – the grove your daughter, – says the heroine. – Savelyeva, of course, very surprised and, I suspect, didn’t believe me. And came back with nothing, a DNA test at that time was not, therefore, prove nothing. It only remained to live on, watching from afar, as a growing girl.”
Пермячки пытаются отсудить у Минздрава 30 млн рублей за ошибку в роддоме
Пермячки пытаются отсудить у Минздрава 30 млн рублей за ошибку в роддоме

Soon she became a mother of two children. They demanded constant attention: the boy was diagnosed with asthma, the girl has a congenital malformation of the hands. Problems, quarrels on the basis of the situation with Veronica led the spouses to divorce. Shvetsova had to pull all by yourself: carried from a neighboring village mother, she helped with the children, and she from morning till night he worked as a Forester. Veronica grew up and realized that they didn’t like my mother was often asked about it. And when he grew up, could, in the middle of an argument to hear: “Leave me alone! You’re not even mine!”

“Daughter has arrived!”

In the family Saveliev no one noticed. The fact that the child had no tags, was acquitted of negligence by the nurses. The lack of similarity between the dark Tanya and blond parents the wonders of nature like, she had aunts, uncles dark, they went. The girl grew up in love. Visits Shvetsova from a neighboring village scare his family. “Recently my mother told me that when I was three, Rimma Pavlovna appeared again and I already soobrazhaet and caught the essence of the conversation, struggling clinging to mother’s skirt, asked not to give” – says Tatiana. To protect yourself from the attacks of strange women Savelyeva moved away to the village Karagay. There Tanya grew up, graduated from high school, went to College, got married, gave birth to a son Artem and a daughter Julia.

A year ago, the phone rang, which turned the life.

“My mother on the other end of the line, stammering, trying to explain that long concealed secret, but is now forced to admit, – says Tatiana. – Yesterday she was contacted by Veronica and stated that she was her own daughter. It turned out that Rimma Pavlovna insisted on the DNA… the thought that all may be true, the earth went from under his feet. I cried for several days, survived by children, which reassured me.

Then took courage, and called Shvetsova, invited. She came, fighting was like, “Hello, Tanya!” Kissed, put on the table the gifts for the grandchildren – hillbilly pickles. We talked, cried… Called her mother of course, I can’t – my mom is that she raised. But Rimma Pavlovna is not a stranger, and with Anatoly Ivanovich, the biological father, I had good relations even call him dad, he often comes to visit. When I saw her granddaughter, threw up his hands: “There are no tests do not need you to be my blood!” And I happened to go to their village Rimma Pavlovna ran and shouted: “To me the daughter has arrived!” Shvetsova itself admits: “the Heart does not get used that Tanya, my. Are a little wary, cautious. But nick and to scold can, teach”. “Confused” does not communicate. “On 7 March we celebrated 40 years, sent a congratulatory SMS, but received no response,” says Saveliev. But Veronica has developed relationships with the biological mother Julia, they meet the grandchildren came to visit new grandmother.

Пермячки пытаются отсудить у Минздрава 30 млн рублей за ошибку в роддоме

A month ago, we held a DNA examination, which confirmed that Rima and Julia has really grown up daughters to each other. Now women are planning to sue the Ministry of health of Perm Krai, Ministry of health, government of Perm Krai and Pojvinsky the precinct of the hospital.

“The first meeting will be held in April – said the lawyer Igor Savvin. – Each of the women – Rima, Julia, Tanya and Veronica can count on 8 million roubles. The hospital was a substitution, admitted the mistake. Midwife on duty that night, told the staff didn know that girls are confused, but decided to remain silent. And the nurse who helped after the birth and Rima Yulia, nothing will show 13 years ago she died. Who knew that her failure will result in a tragedy…”
Пермячки пытаются отсудить у Минздрава 30 млн рублей за ошибку в роддоме