Жена Дмитрия Тарасова перестала скрывать беременность On Thursday, Anastasia Kostenko celebrates its birthday. The model began to congratulate relatives and friends. Among them were the husband and girl footballer Dmitry Tarasov. The athlete publicly addressed the second half in social networks.

29 Mar Anastasia Kostenko celebrates his birthday. Model turned 24. Girls husband Dmitry Tarasov left her warm wishes on social networks. The photo that appeared on Instagram footballer, Anastasia is depicted with a distinctly rounded belly. Thus Tarasov has confirmed rumors that it is preparing for the replenishment of the family.

“Happy birthday, my darling. Thank you for all you do for me” – with these words Dmitry turned to Anastasia, adding the hashtags “Dr” and “family”.

Fans Tarasova joined the warm congratulations and wished him future baby to grow up healthy and happy. According to them, She’ll be a wonderful mother. “Your dream has come true”, “Buzz”, “Beautiful”, “As sweetly”, “Happiness”, “Save your love”, “Children – flowers of life”, “This living photo”, “Charm,” wrote social media users.

Anastasia Kostenko also posted a family photo. In the picture, which appeared on the Instagram model, she’s posing in a short top. Apparently, Anastasia really glad to become a mother for the first time. She announced in the caption to the frame. Kostenko also publicly confessed his love to her husband Dmitry Tarasov. Fans Anastasia covered her congratulations.

Rumors that the beloved of Dmitry Tarasov pregnant, appeared on the Network earlier this year. The term, which is Anastasia Kostenko, was not specified. A few days later the model called for routine ultrasound in one of the capital’s medical centers. The Internet has spread shots, made during a visit Anastasia at the clinic. Then she Kostenko has not commented on this information. Last week, journalists reported that the child of Anastasia and Dmitri can be born this summer. Correspondents also made the assumption that soon the pair will share important news with the public.

Baby will be the second in a row for Dmitri Tarasov. In a relationship with Oksana Osinkin had a daughter angelina. The girl came to light in mid-2009. Two years later, Dmitry and Oksana decided to terminate the marriage. Despite the fact that the couple broke up, they continue to communicate for the sake of their child. Tarasov takes part in the education of angelina and regularly calls up to her.

Second wife of Dmitry Tarasov was TV presenter Olga Buzova. The marriage lasted four years. The couple divorced in December 2016. It is known that Olga had a hard time parting with her husband. After His broke up with Tarasov, she went to work and became one of the most successful and popular singers.

In January of 2018 Dmitry legalized relationship with model Anastasia Kostenko. First couple married in the registry office, and after a while threw a big wedding for friends and relatives.