The lawyer Dobrovinsky: “Kerzhakov took the baby for the money”

Адвокат Добровинский: «Кержаков забрал ребенка из-за денег» Alexander Dobrovinsky explained why the player decided to kidnap the wife Milana. The conflict in the family of the athlete began long ago, Kerzhakov transferred a large sum of money to his wife, and then demanded it back.
Адвокат Добровинский: «Кержаков забрал ребенка из-за денег»

The news that the family of Alexander Kerzhakov and Milana Tulip is not going smoothly came on the eve of. The daughter of St. Petersburg’s Senator made a sensational statement: the past month the football player gives her to see his son, who was kidnapped from her home.

Milan said that she not in forces to hide the problem, which was a real blow. The stars of domestic show-business has divided into two camps. One support Tulpanov, other Kerzhakov. Details family drama told a well-known lawyer Alexander Dobrovinsky. As it turned out, the relationship between husband and wife messed up the money issue.

“At that time, when this wonderful family everything was fine, the house reigned love and sway feelings, Alexander Kerzhakov transferred a large sum of money from his account to his wife. The reasons I am not aware, however, of little importance it has. Husband, wife – the overall budget, what does it matter, only the former is a brilliant striker of our national team and other famous teams moved several million dollars from his Bank account, or sponsor, or owner of the same team, at the expense of his wife. It would seem this transaction is their own business. And where is the baby?” the human rights activist said.
Адвокат Добровинский: «Кержаков забрал ребенка из-за денег»

Further Dobrovinsky says the young family began the scandals. Lawyer hints at an unpleasant episode in Switzerland, according to him, the footballer was angry. Then Milana died influential father Vadim Albertovich Tulpanov, Russian statesman.

“It was the core of a large family, her mainstay, unquestioned authority. The tragic death could not pass unnoticed for the couple. She never got over it. In a very short time Alexander Kerzhakov left. And after a while, he asked to return to Milan translated the entire amount back to him. Supposedly joked…” said Dobrovinsky.
Адвокат Добровинский: «Кержаков забрал ребенка из-за денег»

Milan refused to return the amount to Alexander. According to Dobrovinsky, a young woman appeared in wild stress, suddenly she left without a father and husband. The lawyer suggested that Tulip to sit down at the negotiating table with the spouse.

“Failed to agree. The poor girl began a hard and brutal psychological crisis. With him, she gets to the hospital. And what of Alexander ? And he this story is tired. And according to Milana, seeing no other leverage, the father takes the baby to her,” he explained.

According to Dobrovinsky, Alexander has put forward an ultimatum to the wife: “I Want to give my money back the baby.” Later in a Network there was a telephone conversation Kerzhakov and Tulip. The player offends the spouse, of Milan weeping over the phone.

– Up to 20 numbers. To a peep from you was not!

– Don’t shout, please…

– Do you understand me or not?! I hear you! Yes or no?!

– Sasha, tell me, please…

– Shut up! Yes or no! God forbid, bitch, you will do something. I’ll never see. You got me!