Alla Pugacheva admired postroynevshaya figure

Алла Пугачева восхитила постройневшей фигурой Fans are constantly discussing the appearance of the prima Donna. The husband of actress Maxim Galkin recently released a video with the hot dancing of the singer, on which Alla Borisovna shows a perfect shape.

What is the secret of youth Alla? The question that dominates the minds of fans and detractors. Recently the 69-year old Diva once again amazed the subscribers of their Instagram incredible for such a venerable age beauty.

“On a beautiful birthday with friends!” – said Galkin rare frame the couple, who delighted fans.

“Alla Borisovna looks super!”, “What a beautiful couple – Gary and Alla! What beautiful children – the fruits of love!”, “You have a wonderful family, a wonderful Alla!” noted fans of the pair.

For several decades, Alla Pugacheva is a real style icon for many fans. In recent years, the actress is noticeably thinner and began increasingly to appear in public in the clothes of bright colors. She does not get tired to show slender figure, choosing outfits now popular style is oversized, which do not constrain movements.

For several weeks, Alla holiday abroad. Recently the singer published in the microblog the next shot, which hit the subscribers: to the fans, she appeared in short shorts and a plaid shirt.

“Ah, if… the Sun in the sky is very, very good”, – has signed a frame artist.

On vacation, the singer is having fun with her husband Maxim Galkin and younger children – Harry and Lisa. Fans noted that the singer is much younger. But the actress has not commented on the secrets of radical transformation.