The girl of the son of Valerie told me how he went to prison

Девушка сына Валерии рассказала, как попала в тюрьму Anna Sheridan stayed there for about three days. She worked as a model in Singapore. For violation of local immigration law they had to suffer such a punishment.
Девушка сына Валерии рассказала, как попала в тюрьму

Over a long period of time Arseniy Shulgin’s Dating model Anna Sheridan. The girl is very like his mother, the singer Valeria. The young people involved in music, and also tries himself in different spheres of business. Anna is shot for magazines and advertising campaigns of brands. She began working as a model very early, at 14 years old, so the mother is very worried for her. Sheridan shared the story that happened to her abroad.

In 2015, she worked as a model in Singapore. But it needed to be extended. For this video with a friend on the day they left the country and flew to neighboring Malaysia. However, upon their return to Singapore they face a number of challenges.

“We were warned that because of the 50th anniversary of Singapore’s independence can be tough border control. But we already passed all of the zones and at the last passport control in front of the exit we were stopped. That we are ordinary tourists, no one believed, modeling agencies in the country a little, they checked everything and found us on the website. And as we worked on a tourist visa (illegal), we were instantly deported. But there it was. In the border zone is “a prison for illegal immigrants”, you’re there until, until you find the ticket and send it to their country. And we were placed. We stayed there for two or three days. Naturally, we watched, took all things technology (we are the illegals! nothing can use it), put in a “room” with bunk beds and fed only Rolton, and in the shower was soap and only cold water!” – told about the incident of Sheridan.

Anna’s mom found out about it, didn’t want her anywhere else to put. However, two weeks later the girl had to go under contract in Istanbul.

Arseniy pleases his beloved. They go together to relax and he gives her a gorgeous bouquet of flowers. Sometimes, even the perfect couples have misunderstandings. “Sometimes offended, delete pictures (feminine, to be honest), and then being sorry about it, but they’re not important. Your image always in my head and heart,” said darling to his fans Shulgin.

Arseniy love for Anna was so strong that in 2016 he even left home, which surprised his mom. But gradually he realized his guilt. “Arseniy realized that I cannot continue, moreover, he makes no money, – told the “StarHit” friends of the family. – And parents mean a lot to him, anyway. The reconciliation between him, Valeria and Joseph happened. He came back home. However, in the College of music has not yet recovered, went to secondary school. But Valeria hopes that in the future he will continue to make music. With Anya he continues to see, but much less frequently”.

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