The last series with the participation of Dmitry Marjanova show on NTV

Последний сериал с участием Дмитрия Марьянова покажут на НТВ
The project will be broadcasted from 30 October.

Dmitry Maryanov

Photo: NTV

October 30, in memory of Dmitri Maryanov NTV will start showing
detective drama “the Bouncer”. This is the last series, which was filmed for
NTV Dmitry Maryanov. The actor played the role of a former leader of a criminal
groups named Nicholas Begunov. History
starts with meeting old friends who had not seen for fifteen
years. His friend had sacrificed his freedom for his sake.

the story, the former Sambo wrestler Alexander Chizhov (Gela Meskhi), nicknamed “Finch”
returned from a long imprisonment.
Meet friends from a past life: Nicholas Begunov (Dmitry
Maryanov) – “gunya”, before the gang’s leader, and now an influential businessman, and
girlfriend Natasha, who during fifteen years of imprisonment
“Siskin” managed to marry his best friend.
Forget about criminal past, Chizhov settles into a collection Bureau.
Thanks to the ingenuity and impressive image of “bouncers”, the hero acquires
his reputation as a skilled negotiator.

filming of “the Bouncer” gathered a very good team: the people
who are pleasant to work and dream: Dima,
I, Anastasia Panina, Sasha Naumov. The project was difficult, but interesting.
Character Regunova at Dima quite similar. In life he was a man
very sensitive, cheerful, like a child, and more serious things
treated as something childish. Because the work on
his character was more interesting. Had to get from friends
from the life experience of this thug who should turn from
monster in man” – says the Director of the project, Sergey

does Baranovym in the film “Bouncer” was played by such famous
actors as Gela Meskhi (“Shot”, “Son
father of the peoples”), Maria Mashkova (“Not born beautiful”, “Live”,
“The perfect marriage”), Jan Tsapnik (“the best day”, “Bitter”), Hope
Markina (“Elena”, “Demons”), Konstantin Yushkevich (“Sklifosovsky”,
“Balabol”, “the Game of truth”), Anastasia Panina (“Teacher”,
“Another major Sokolov”), Semyon Treskunov (“Ghost”, “Champions”,
The “mother”), etc.