Catherine velichenko became a blood donor

Екатерина Вуличенко стала донором крови
The actress coped with the fear of needles and injections.

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Catherine velichenko became a blood donor, despite
his life-long phobia: fear of needles and injections. For the actress was extremely important to become
member #donor.

“I finally did it! — says the star. — Now with
full right to say: “I —donor!” Honestly, I thought about it
for a long time, it’s the small thing we can do for people in need
our help! But, as often happens, all sea Affairs and concerns, and just hand
never came… And then, not very clear where to go or who to call to
to donate blood… And yet, I confess, I’m a terrible coward! All these needles, injections and so forth,
put me in a state of quiet terror! But I took myself together and came to the service
blood. To be honest, everything was just great! After the procedure drink
tea and even offered cookies. At the time, answered all questions, and I
did not notice that it’s over! And there was no pain at all! In my case,
the key point was simply to not look at the needle.”

Fans of the stars with whom she shared the news
appreciated the brave Catherine. “Well done! Keep it up! It’s great that
overcame himself and did a good deed!” — they wrote Velichenko.