“The last disease” or anorexic: how Borisova, Lipnitskaya and Nachalovo managed to recover

«Последняя болезнь» или анорексия: как Борисовой, Липницкой и Началовой удалось вылечиться Celebrities took himself in hand and was able to overcome the disease. Yulia Lipnitskaya, Dana Borisova and Laysan utiasheva admitted that they had to put a lot of effort to recover and believe in myself.
«Последняя болезнь» или анорексия: как Борисовой, Липницкой и Началовой удалось вылечиться

Today, 16 November, the world day of fight against anorexia. In pursuit of the perfect figure of a girl wearing yourself out physical exercise and limit the food. Some women sit on a mono-diet or starve. This way of life adversely affects the health of dieters: they begin losing hair, damaged nails and they are always freezing. Many celebrities have managed to overcome anorexia, again to love your body and be confident. “StarHit” gives the history of stars, which proved that even the most terrible disease can be defeated with effort.


«Последняя болезнь» или анорексия: как Борисовой, Липницкой и Началовой удалось вылечиться

The singer, who won popularity among thousands of fans who were dissatisfied with their appearance in adolescence. It became popular very early – at age 11, Julia won in the program “Morning star”. The girl was very difficult to cope with the psychological pressure that she was experiencing, achieving the first success in show business. Nachalova focused on the standards of models who smile from the pages of glossy magazines and posters.

“In the 18-19 years the head has not formed yet. Instead of listening to my father and mother, are guided to the standards of fashion magazines. And I had a time when I weighed 42 lbs. In that time I lost 25 pounds in a month and a half. How? At first, I drank the water. And then did not drink and did not eat. I just brought herself to anorexia. Of course, I was not satisfied. Now, if the face in the photo album of that period, I don’t recognize myself. Stopped me phrase the doctor. He said that if this continues, then I will not have children. I always really wanted and knew that I have!” – told Nachalova.

Years later the artist had a relapse, but she could not bring himself to such exhaustion.

Dana Borisova

TV presenter of the “Army shop” admitted that he often dieted. According to Dana Borisova, she felt overweight, so I was willing to endure any restrictions. Besides, celebrities always had a very strained relationship with her mother, which aggravated the situation. Over the years, dietary restrictions are Given paid health. The doctors found out she has pancreatitis.

“I didn’t eat anything. Every three days I ate an Apple. And this for me was normal. I knew that with me in trouble. I stopped by the store, asked for the biggest fat sour cream, because I could only push through the liquid, and hatred eat up that cream once a day. I knew that was going to die, probably soon. I fell fainting…,” admitted the TV presenter.

At the same time she started taking the tablets, which normalized her psychological condition and help to lose weight. For several years she developed a dependence on drugs that she had to be treated under the guidance of experts from the rehabilitation center.

Laysan Utiasheva

Famous gymnast of all life struggling with excess weight. Rosie admitted that she was always hard to keep in shape. Like many other members of the team, she wasn’t supposed to gain weight, as this could impact on athletic performance. According to Utyasheva, coach forbade her to eat high-calorie foods, literally hid from her food.

«Последняя болезнь» или анорексия: как Борисовой, Липницкой и Началовой удалось вылечиться“Then I actually survived anorexia, which some girls bring themselves wanting to lose weight, and I know how scary and hard. Fasting is impossible, it is a wrong and dangerous path. Then it is very difficult to return to a normal diet. My stomach refused to eat, was rejecting her. Mother every two hours giving him soups, fed boiled chicken, vegetables and fruits: “Eat a tangerine. Don’t want to? Don’t, just suck”. And I couldn’t keep my eyes. Slept all the time,” recalled utiasheva.

Now the gymnast prefers to follow a proper diet and regularly devote time to sports. That is why, after the birth of two children she is still in great shape.

Yulia Lipnitskaya

«Последняя болезнь» или анорексия: как Борисовой, Липницкой и Началовой удалось вылечиться

Olympic champion in figure skating Julia Lipnitskaya long time secret that she has an eating disorder. The girl has been training and preparing for new competition, however, after a serious back injury went for treatment. From the star of the Sochi Olympics for a long time there was no information, so fans began to sound the alarm and write her friends. After a long silence, Julia made a statement about retirement and told about the illness.

“Anorexia is a disease of the 21st century. Unfortunately, it is hard to cope. Nothing there, if I openly say it. The only regret I have is that I haven’t done this before, because everything was already not the first, not the second or third year,” said Lipnitsky.

Ales Kafelnikov

«Последняя болезнь» или анорексия: как Борисовой, Липницкой и Началовой удалось вылечиться

The daughter of a famous tennis player Yevgeny Kafelnikov Ales works as a model. About a year ago, her relatives began to sound the alarm. The girl is too thin, and she had clearly visible bones. However, she insisted that she was all right.

“I think I’m a healthy person. My height is 175, weight is 48 kilograms. I’m really limiting yourself in food, try to eat healthy – meat, fish, I eat the whole thing. I limit myself to only fast food and carbohydrates, such as pasta, pizza, because I don’t like and think it is harmful,” said Kafelnikov on one of the TV show.

Ales Kafelnikov proved to the experts that’s not sick

Indeed, over the year the girl managed to gain a little bit weight, so now her figure looks much sexier, and foreign luxury brands increasingly invite Alesya to be the face of their advertising campaigns.

Maria Kohno

Eks-the participant “Houses-2” has admitted in an interview that many years ago she lost a lot of weight and refused to eat. The girl looked emaciated and weighed 34 pounds. She needed to exert much effort to recover.

“My mother and I flew to the competition in Italy, I became ill and I fell at the airport. And then the question arose: either continue to live or not! Finally, I realized how far gone that any second you could lose your life! To live completely in the moment not wanted! But there were still a lot of people who loved me and whom I love. And then I had to learn to enjoy peace, to look for beauty in the details. The sun, the sky, the leaves on the trees. Tried to taste my food, began to live in the present moment. And slowly began to get out of my state! Anyone will not regret to pass through, it then had to pass me,” admitted Kohno in the microblog.