Half-brother of Alexander Malinin came to the defense of the father

Сводный брат Александра Малинина встал на защиту отца In “Andrey Malakhov. Live” discussed the next round of family scandal. Nicholas vyguzov is in hospital after suffering a stroke, but his famous son never visited him. It has a relatives of the elderly man and told about the situation.
Сводный брат Александра Малинина встал на защиту отца

Some time ago Alexander Malinin recorded a video in which he claimed that he and his brother Oleg was trying to communicate with father Nikolai Vyguzova. The man is in one of medical institutions. Next to him is constantly on duty nurse, and also helping wife Tatiana. A woman came to the transfer of Andrei Malakhov and announced that the famous son Vyguzova refuses to go with him on contact.

According to Tatiana, the conditions in a medical facility leave much to be desired. Periodically she has to wipe the skin husband wet wipes, as there is no soul.

The reporters showed how the father Malinin trying to get through to his son. The tube takes the wife of the artist, Emma. After she hears the voice of Nikolai Stepanovich, heard the long beeps. The singer doesn’t want to communicate with a relative, but is willing to help with money for treatment.

Сводный брат Александра Малинина встал на защиту отца

The Studio also came ex-wife Malinina, Olga Zarubina, who still cannot forgive the artist for what he does not recognize her daughter, Kira. Many guests have suggested that the singer is the instigator of the whole scandal.

“You can’t beg for love. If you don’t want me, I’ll be out constantly”, – such advice was given to Irina Gribulina who knew and Zarubino, and Malinin.

Later in the Studio appeared the son of Nikolai Stepanovich Anton. Half-brother Malinin said that they aren’t promoted on behalf of the contractor. He really wants that whole story ended.

“We are not asking for any money. As far as I know, the first wife of the father first filed for divorce. I came here to put an end to it. I am also a person, a creative person. I will defend my name, I will bite. There sits a nurse, my friends. I was just in shock. I told my dad that we have to stop,” explained vyguzov.

At the end of the program showed footage of a hospital ward of Nikolai Stepanovich. He turns to Alexander with a plea for the meeting. “Every father wants to communicate with his son. Visit father. To say Hello, to chat. Sasha, don’t leave the tube. Talk to me, yeah,” says the old man.