Alexander Molochnikov spoke about the controversial fight with Fedor Bondarchuk

Александр Молочников высказался о скандальной драке с Федором Бондарчуком A few hours ago in a Network there was video of the brawl of two Directors. In the video Fyodor Bondarchuk beat his young colleague Alexander Molochnikova. Presumably, the conflict between them occurred because of the low ratings new paintings.
Александр Молочников высказался о скандальной драке с Федором Бондарчуком

Last week in the domestic box office out the picture of the young Director Alexander Molochnikova “Myths”. One of the main roles in the film performed by Fyodor Bondarchuk. Today, the Network appeared the video, where famous artist beat the Creator of the film.

The video shows Alexander and Theodore argue. Then the Milk hits the table with his hands with the words: “I also know how to shout”. In response Bondarchuk strikes in the face Molochnikova, saying: “That’s youth”.

In an interview with reporters, Alexander said that a fight with Fedor really was. In the incident with Theodore, the young man received a huge black eye, he needed medical help. The doctors gave Alexander a certificate from the emergency room.

Some social media users thought the video with the beating Molochnikova staged. Supposedly the witnesses tampered with it and put it on the Internet to create excitement around the premiere of the film “Myths”.

“I wish it was the setting, but help from emergency room suggests otherwise,” he told reporters Milkmen.

According to the young Director and his beating Bondarchuk happened before the release of the film “Myths”. Therefore, to associate a fight with a competent PR is not worth it.

“We have Fedor Sergeyevich good relationship. It was unexpected for me that this record has hit the net. Both of us are not from this happily. Why it happened – it is solely our business,” said Milkman.

Alexander said in interview to the edition “Ridus”, which is not feared for his career after a bout with the famous guru of the Russian cinema. The young Director is confident that his film will pay off, and Bondarchuk will satisfied charges films.