Numerologist: “Alexander Malinin incorrectly diagnose”

Нумеролог: «Александру Малинину неверно поставят диагноз» Alexander Malinin today marks 59 years. Only the singer dedicates to wife Emma, the twins, the Frol and Ustinja, whose birthday is in late November.

Star numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva studied the birth date of a celebrity and made a prediction on his future.

“Alexander was born in “the day of the head,” says Clara. His life code 325303 means he’s strong-willed character and high line implementation. This is a man who always achieves the goals set, why would it not cost. Malinin is very talented and, in addition, has hypnotic powers, – the combination of these qualities leads to the fact that people can’t resist his charm and always sympathize with the singer. But Malinin in no hurry to let people in his environment: he has foresight and makes friends only those who are truly sincere about related to that and not do evil.
But the big problem Alexander is that he has the fears and doubts that are pulling him back,” – said the expert.

According to Clara, the singer takes things too personally and a lot nervous. Malinin Samoyed for any kind of blunder are able to punish yourself for a few days. His wife, unfortunately, of no help to him – she’s a coward. Alexander and Emma are perfect for each other, they have a very harmonious family.

“You should be careful with doctors – in the near future Malinin threatening medical errors – doctors may incorrectly put the star diagnosis. To become stronger, both physically and spiritually, he should engage in energy practices. This year Alexander has a difficult period of recession, so he needs to be extremely careful not to make rash decisions. It is not necessary to make large purchases, they can lead to financial losses. It is also necessary to carefully monitor the work of all those involved in its creative and monetary Affairs – artist can cheat,” warned Kuzenbaeva.

The numerologist said that natural health is a star not very strong. Special alarm Alexander should call his pancreas and everything to do with the gastrointestinal tract. You should also monitor the level of blood sugar surges which can lead to problems.

However, according to Clara, 62 years in the life of Alexander will be brighter, will be born another child – a granddaughter or grandson.