The husband gave birth to Polina Gagarina can not believe what happened

Муж родившей Полины Гагариной не может поверить в случившееся
Spouse of the singer has told about the birth of a daughter.

Dmitry Iskhakov c daughter

Photo: @isxakov Instagram

Recently Polina Gagarina and Dmitry Iskhakov became parents. Their family had a charming daughter, whose name has not been disclosed. The singer told that birth in a Metropolitan hospital were planned scenario: “there was no fear, nerves and unnecessary interventions. Only my husband and doctor who helped to be born to our little girl!” The actress and newborn daughter was discharged from the hospital.

Despite the fact that for Polina it was not the first childbirth, the husband did his wife provided support. He is actively helping and return home. Late last night, his microblogging has a record where he told about how the birth of a baby changed his life.

“Everything changed completely. Life was divided into before and after. I have feelings so strong that they can’t even find the words to describe them. This is something completely me before not tested. Love of a different order. And the smell! The smell is not possible to take a picture and it torments me. The most delicious smell in the world!” — Dmitry told.

Pauline has published in social networks the first photo of her daughter. It, however, the baby wrapped in a diaper so that to see her face is simply impossible. Probably Gagarin will hide from prying daughter as well as hide her pregnancy. The singer is very kind to the limits of personal life. She tries to clearly separate public side of the work and family life.